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Letting the Cables Sleep

By azraelengel
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Based off of the song by Bush, "Letting the Cables Sleep."

Second attempt; stupid photoshop. Lots of effects and craziness. Blah blah blah.

Edit: Fixed a bunch of little things that bothered me a LOT about this piece.
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UlteriorPrince's avatar
I just love the green glow coming out of the windows of the buildings. This is an awesome piece! C:
GeneraLNinja's avatar
Im gonna put this as my wallpaper!! :D
azraelengel's avatar
Sweet. It's already set as mine.
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GeneraLNinja's avatar
This piece is very different from your other work, but this is cleaner and i like clean ones.
danyata's avatar
I shouldn't of full viewed ... my eyes ... holy crap that's bright ... D:

It actually reminds me of those pictures that are taken of like ... traffic and ... roads ... but they're like slowed down ... and it's all arty ...

Yeah I'll shut up now. It's cool despite the burning sensation in my optic nerve :D
azraelengel's avatar
Yeah it's called a long exposure shot...

And that's what it was supposed to look like.
Sereda's avatar
I really like this, both for your composition and the lovely use of colour. Those neon greens and blues look really lush against the black, while the more vivid streaks remind me of time-lapse photos of cities at night, where the car lights just blur into trails and you can't see the vehicles. Really evocotive work.
AprilElizabeth's avatar
Oh I thought this was a photograph at first. I really like pictures with lots of colors and shadows. Very cool.
azraelengel's avatar
I guess that's a good thing, huh?
azarath's avatar
goooorgeous lighting. wow. :wow:
avantasia's avatar
Here I specially like the background.
All the colors are just so wonderful.

Sorry if I'm a little late with the comments,
but I don't forget you =D
hokuto's avatar
o.o So much glowy shiiiiiiiny. I mean - damn. :heart: You always get my buttons. X3
emptiness's avatar
Like everyone else says, the warm streaks and the cool-color background complement each other.
manganekoichi's avatar
I don't know the song, but I freakin' love the colors! I don't like the highlights on the people, though. I don't think it goes with the rest of the feel of the image. Perhaps if they were solid lines, instead of slightly... blurry ones? or even if the people were just the sillhouettes; no highlights at all. Actually, I think it's just one of the shoulders of the guy that's bothering me. And that little point on the top of the girl's head. I think it's a really great piece, though. I thought it was a photo from the preview. I'm babbling.
azraelengel's avatar
They were going to be just silhouettes, but if I left them like that, you couldn't see certain things... Like the girl's face or the man's coat. Not enough light in front of them for that.
GhostNoise's avatar
oo pretty I love how you can just barley see the people with the little bit of light reflecting of them.The neon colors are hot. You sure love bush huh? ;D
VulpineVampiress's avatar
Lavishly done backgrounds, you certainly have an eye for colours and contrast. ^^ Those silhouttes look really good too!
nekogurl2087's avatar
this may sound a little weird... but the pic reminds me of Edward Hopper ~ "Night Hawks" . the darkened city sort of look to it. this is really good. hey, you get a print of this one and i will absolutely buy it off you! ~_^
azraelengel's avatar
Let's do it, then. Got PayPal?
nekogurl2087's avatar
OMG! ... no... but... i'll figure some way out... (crimany - i know where you live... i could pay you in person for christsakes.... ) i'll buy one... so long as it's within a reasonable price... (nothing crazy... ) but i wouldn't mind buying one off you... eh, i'm sure we'll figure something out...
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