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Childhood Meme- 11 years old

Original/blank: :icontwistedangel9:

So I decided to do this meme, which makes you really think back about how things were. I chose when I was 11 years old, so 7 years ago. It was when I was still homeschooled, so I was pretty much watching every movie/TV show I could find. Some background on the images~!

1. Codename: Kids Next Door- My god. This show is still on today, and it's as amazing as it was 7 years ago. I ADORE IT.
2. The original iPod- This was THE thing to have back then. (not that I had one.)
3. Spirited Away- I still remember the day I went to go see this in theaters. This is the one movie that got me into anime completely.
4. Courage, the Cowardly Dog- Still obsessed with this show today as well. XD
5. Dexter's Laboratory- Too bad all of the good cartoons like this one are dead and gone now. :(
6. Johnny Bravo- Case and point.
7. Sinbad: Legend of the 7 Seas- Damn, this movie was good. Shame I can't find it anywhere. I'll look harder.

Some things I couldn't fit on there:
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-House of Mouse
-Beyblade (there was a girl named Hillary in there. Made me happy.)
-Samurai Jack
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Ah, the “Inspiration Map Meme” for this site. I have seen this from a few artists that I take a quick glance at. Considering from the impression I had taken from your gallery, I did not expect that there would be so much Western animation for your map as opposed to anime. I have seen just about every item that you have on here. You seem to have a wide range of inspiration.

Now, despite being a child of the 90’s, I admit that most of these shows just don’t “click” with me anymore. While I still adore Spirited Away (or, rather, nearly ALL of Hayoa Miyazaki’s works), Courage the Cowardly Dog, P.O.T.C., and Samurai Jack, I just lost interest in all the other ones (Though I still like House of Mouse and Sinbad, I do not as much as the before-mentioned items).Now, for certain anime, I’ve either “grew past them” or could not find many elements that agree with me. When it comes to animation in general, I have a very picky taste. Kids Next Door, however, was quite creative in its concept to me even today.

Now, I wanted to elaborate on something you said in the description, but I fear that I would be forcing my own opinion. I come here to appreciate art, not debate on petty individual preferences. But if you’re interested in inquiring me about the subject, feel free. I’ll try to maintain an open-minded and balanced tone, but it would be difficult considering the particular subject matter I have in mind tends to infuriate me to no end.
All in all, it is always intriguing to take a look into the minds of others to help try to understand the inner workings or their talents or interests. I am not certain if I would do a meme like this, as there are far too many points of inspiration to choose from, be it film, videogames, or novels and otherwise.
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We children of the 90's need to stick together, man! D:

I do plan on doing the "Influence Map", which is technically the father of this meme, at some point..

There are several animes that I neither watch nor have any need of keeping up with...a select few have stayed with me through the years, yes.

What is it that you want to elaborate on, dear?
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Hmm… it appears that I may have mixed the titles of the specific memes. I was unaware that there were multiple variations of this general concept.

Yes, unfortunately the anime that you’ve listed are among those that I cannot bring myself to like. You see, I have a strong distaste for shows that revolve around the plotline of “Saving the world and using over-dramatic powers by playing with toys/cards/some other thing that reminiscent of Pokémon/Digimon.” I commend them for whatever creative touches or humor they implement and I do not condemn anyone for having interest in them, but I cannot watch such anime. Being somewhat of an intellectual that I am, anime with such concept tend to aggravate me.
I admit, as a child I watch ANYTHING animated, but I have “grown out” of such titles. Pokémon was good for a while, but like Power Rangers, it go to the point where it annoyed me with repeating the same general plots into ever-increasing number of seasons over and over and over… AND OVER- erm, sorry. Again, I do not consider such titles terrible (I have seen FAR worse and uninspiring shows) and I do not fault anyone, including you, for liking or even loving them. When it comes to Japanese animation, I have a picky taste.

Now, that was not the so called “subject” that I had in mind. You see, it refers to your statement “Too bad all of the good cartoons like this one are dead and gone now.” It… struck a nerve to say the least.
What I am saying, my dear, is that you seem to be emphasizing something that I have, and while I’m being honest I do not mean any aggression towards you in any way, an EXTREME Abhorrence for.
What I mean is that I am someone who sees good and bad in every generation. Be it in games, movies, television, or pop culture in general. Far too many times have I had the misfortune of hearing such dribble as “The 90’s are better because…” or “Everything past 1999 is shit because…”. I hate, hate, hate, HAAAATE!!!! such quotes. I see quality shows from all across the spectrum of time. While I respect other people’s opinion, sometimes I feel as if the “Freedom of Speech/ Expression” should be a privilege than a right because of how badly abused it is. It all relates to my personal rule of “Zero tolerance for intolerance.”
Now, ask yourself, how many times has such things been said over the past 100 years of television. I’m sure people of the 80’s though the 90’s were bad. I’m sure people of the 60’s and 70’s think most or all cartoons afterwards are bad. They are blinded by nostalgia. Nostalgia can be a good thing, but it can also be another form of bias if it dictates your life. We must learn to evolve, to adapt, or else we will have at least part of use that will remain behind and drown in anger and hate.
I see great and terrible titles from everywhere in history. I can name a few shows that came out post-1999 that, I believe, are just as good as shows from previous eras. But one must understand, mass opinion/feelings and censorship for one decade may be vastly different from another’s, so the way they are created and written may be very different. This does not make any “generation” bad. One or two terrible shows or a dozen bland shows do not make a generation, unless the entire generation is filled with it. To me, no generation of pop culture, especially animation, is superior to the other.
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I really have outgrown most of those animes, but Pokémon and Beyblade will forever hold a place in my heart, along with Yu-Gi-Oh. But whatever you like, you like. :heart:
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As long as such inspiration leads to future successes, I guess it shouldn’t matter. I was also curious as to why Inuyasha was not on here, since I recall that anime and K.N.D. to be aired not too far from each other somewhere in the early 2000’s, shortly after I moved from Alaska to Georgia in 2001. Unless Inuyasha was aired before then, which I think unlikely since I was normally on top of what occurred on Cartoon Network at that time.

I’m quite surprised that you did not directly address my little “rant.” Unless it ties into what you said in the last response, I fear that I may have been a bit abrasive. I really do feel the urge to rip something apart when I hear someone say something along the lines of “Computer animation is crap, we need more traditional animation” or, “cartons today are crap because they are not like the 90’s or 80’s.” They are fools blinded by nostalgia who cannot evolve and adapt and see the great and terrible in EVERY generation. But if you truly believe that, then I guess that I will stop there on the subject. I believe that I would not have to worry about you shoving your opinion down anyone else’s throat (but feel free to beat down on anyone who blindly belittles an earlier decade of such in comparison to the current one, as they are no better than the other “haters”).

I do sincerely apologize if I am coming across as preaching or aggressive. I have no negativity towards you, and I respect your opinion as long as you do not let them get out of control as so many fools on this planet tend to do.
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InuYasha was aired in 2002, dear. :)

It wasn't abrasive to me; I don't really mind if you rant. :shrug: Just as long as you don't diss me directly.
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Considering that you were a pre-teen (age 11 for example) during the early 2000's and that both series aired in the early 2000's, I thought that Inuyasha would been on here given your interest in the series. Then again, I could not remember when either show began airing exactly…

Yes, I tried to be careful not to appear as if I was ready to attack (Though I must admit, you’ve found one of the quickest ways to irritation me, and it is not easy angering me on subjects I’ve come to accept the grim reality on) you on any grounds. I simply find it depressing that even good-natured people such as you is subject to such silly ideas of placing a whole general span of time below another out of one’s own preference. I could not choose one decade over the other, so it makes it difficult to remain reserved and balanced with others expressing, even preaching, their individual opinions as if everything else except their own beliefs are wrong.

Luckily, you did not go out of your way to make out that one particular statement. THAT would have pissed me off. You kept a highly debatable and possibly controversial opinion short and you left if at that. You moved on. You went at more important things in respect for those who may not agree. I commend you for that. It is another example of your competence. Even when on one side, you don’t fight, you evolve. This makes me happier to be your friend.

Well, I must be off. I’m afraid that I may not get much done over the next two weeks, as I have finals for this semester. I cannot afford to slack off if I am to maintain at least a B average. Good night, Hillary.
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I honestly forgot to put him there. ^^;

Glad to hear I evolve. (Just like a pokémon. :D )

I have finals too, in December. :D

FIGHT FOR THAT B AVERAGE! :iconcheerplz:
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Dexter's Lab and Courage the Cowardly Dog FTW..and PotC...and OMG SAMURAI JACK WHY IS IT GONNNE???? DX
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I love that show. D:
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I has Snippy to work on lol (William's scythe)
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Well thank you, baby!
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