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Lesotvor a Isidora

AT - SpiritWindcaper

Ohnivy sneh

Marry Weihnachten - draceky


Bohu dusu a mne dukaty!!!

Ohnivy zmej + trojversia

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Woodburnings Prosinec 2019


Kracunovsky carokruh

Brana do Navu

Zmey pre Fey

Zmey Gorynych

Mokosa - Priadka osudov


Krov tikaye

Ruined commission

Inktober 2019 - 31. RIPE

Inktober 2019 - 30. CATCH

Inktober 2019 - 29. INJURED

Inktober 2019 - 28. RIDE

Inktober 2019 - 27. COAT

Inktober 2019 - 26. DARK

Inktober 2019 - 25. TASTY

Inktober 2019 - 24. DIZZY

Inktober 2019 - 23. ANCIENT

Mermay 2020 - 27.PUNK

Mermay 2020 - 26.SHORE

Mermay 2020 - 25.SHARK

Mermay 2020 - 24.TREASURE

Mermay 2020 - 23.SIRENSONG

Mermay 2020 - 22.ABLAZE

Mermay 2020 - 21.FUTURISTIC

Mermay 2020 - 20.ANCESTORS

Mermay 2020 - 19.WRATH

Mermay 2020 - 18. WRECKAGE

For me

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Aira and Smok

*Art Trade* - Earthshatterer

Fire of life

*Art Trade* - Sowilo

[AT] A Nap Near the Lake

AT, ACEO a zoznam postav

AT, ACEO a zoznam postav

ATArt Trade je výmena umeleckých predmetov medzi ich tvorcami. Obe strany sa vždy dohodnú na tom, kto komu čo vytvorí. Môže ísť o obrázky postáv, ale aj iné námety, ktoré by chcel tvorca vidieť v prevedení toho druhého. ACEOSú to kartičky o veľkosti 6,4 x 8,9 cm (takže sa vlezú do obalu na hokejové kartičky). Podobne ako pri ATčku ide o výmenu medzi tvorcami, ktorí sa dohodli na tom kto bude komu čo kresliť. Samozrejme techniky môžu byť rôzne a nemusí ísť len o

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Paper Pyrography



Wooden Jewelry

So paper pyrography is a thing

So paper pyrography is a thing

Sometimes I am too doing this paperburning stuff, mainly for aceo, because it is unique technique so I want to do something special. But lot of time I asked myself, "why I am not doing this more frequently?" So I decided to made some paper test (will be uploaded later when it will be more(I get some paper samples from my friend that have artshop)) and after that decided to do mermay wit this technique. But never thought about paper pyrography is a thing :D (yes, I am so naive!). I started this... once I just tried on paper if my burning tool is hot enough for wood burning. And I just catch myself drawing with it on paper... and so I realized Who will participate in this challenge? :)
I fell it the same, but understand complications for some peoples