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Will you participate in this A-RPG event? :) Ending just about the week, so hope I am not late with this :D
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I wanted to try some art-rpg event with this style... and decided to make it as pages from book. I got inspiration from old book of Slovak folk tales Jánošíková studnička written by Anton Habovštiak and illustrated by Daniela Leukaničová. Book is from 1980 and I totally fell in love with it. It is know that I take lot of inspiration in illustration style of this book, but now I tried to made imitation on page design. And actually it take more of my nerves than all illustrations in it :D But I am satisfied with this experiment... except of some illustrations :D I choosed small format because I hadn't any better material and now I rather don't do digital art. So it is not so detailed etc. Ps: Story is just in Slovak language so sorry if you cant read it. It is not so good either :D :D So here are my entries to Felken Fair 2021 by @Irsibil @World-of-Colderra You can enter to end of June. And here are how they looks like without editing
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Spring is here!

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Today was Spring Equinox and I decided to share some related stuff but with equines :) I was really surprised how much of talented artist with related stuff are here ^_^ So enjoy! And happy first day of Spring! But at first I wanna point out these two pics as it is super related to this day due to volcanic eruption on Iceland :D Please, do not hesitate to share some related stuff in comments :) (And I hope my english is good as I am not native english speaker ^_^´)
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