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Tocsa - Execution

By azrael3000
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Pucini's Tosca: Execution of the prisoners

Floating stage in Bregenz, Austria.

Olympus OM4, Fuji Superia X-Tra 800, Tamron 80-200 f2.8, scan from Lab print

as you might imagine, even the colors on the lab print are way better than on the screen
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yeah - that scenery in bregenz is quite great - but as you said, there is no need for megalomany in theater... personaly i believe that there are a lot of tiny moments on stage that express so much...

but as i said - great pic!
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oh indeed I agree with you, the only problem is, that on the floating stage you're so far away from the singer, that it's nearly impossible to capture really intimate moments. You'd need sth like a 400mm or higher to acomplish this, but as I'm limited to 200, I have to focus on an other style of photography. Nevertheless I'll start shooting smaller stages soon and I'm really looking forward to that.

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well - i never intented to criticise your work - i like it. i just gave my opinion. how comes you are shooting so much "onstage-photos"? my experience is, that most theaters do not permit to take fotos.
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oh well, the father of my girlfriend is a quite important man at the Bregenzer Festspiele and because of that I got the chance to photograph there. Well and somehow I liked it there and when I moved to Vienna, I asked at the Volksoper if it'd be possible to photograph there and they said simply yes :) And of course all shots are taken during rehearsals and not performances. The next thing I'm getting into is some kind of student theatre, I know a guy here at dA who works for them and he said that he can check it. So it's mainly all about getting a feet into the door, once it's in, you won't have many problems getting somewhere.
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lass uns deutsch schreiben ;-)

ich kenne es - ich habe als regiehospitant bei den festspielen bad vilbel gearbeitet dieses jahr - werde wohl auch kommendes jahr als assistent dort arbeiten können - und bin gerade auf der suche nach einer assistentenstelle - in so fern weiss ich was du mit dem fuß in der tür meinst. ;-)

aber um die gelegenheit in bregenz zu fotografieren beneide ich dich dennoch...

lg s.
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My word thats impressive.
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oh indeed it is. now imagine some kind of choral and those guyse on the bottom shooting around. well you cant describe it with words, you have to see it. as this pupil is moving (12 m diameter) too
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I wish Irish theatre was that interesting.
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well I think you just have to get into the whole business, of course you see a lot of crap too, but there will be some interessting stuff from time to time. and well, Ireland is world famous for it's dancers, so in my opinion Ireland is quite interessting from the cultural viewpoint (and even more interessting because of guinness :D)
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