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Stamp: They're people too

By Azrael-Legna
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Now, I may not be a big fan of kids (I have a love-hate thing going on regarding them) but I loath people that treat kids like they're objects. Uhh, no, they aren't, they are human beings and have rights as well. No kids shouldn't get their way all the time, or run the world or someone's life, but they shouldn't be completely dismissed.

I saw a screen-cap yesterday on facebook, it was a girl with her head shaved and she looked really sad. Apparently she had cut her hair again and her cunt "mother" shaved her head as punishment and she got punished the last time as well. This is abuse. To "discipline" anyone over fucking hair is abuse. People say, "It's just hair," and you know what? They're right. That's the fucking point, it is just hair and there is no reason to discipline a person for cutting their fucking hair.

Some person commented saying how her parent's didn't allow her to cut her hair when she was younger (she had to wait until college to cut her hair). This is wrong, people, even kids should be allowed to have their hair however they want. My niece wants to have short hair but isn't allowed because, "You're hair is fun to do." Why people think it's fun to do someone's hair is beyond me, but if you want to do someone's hair, do your own, but let other people do what they want with theirs.

Kids should be allowed to have their hair how they want to. There is no reason to forbid them from having their hair how they want other then you needing a power trip. People need to stop using kids as tools and treating them like items that they own. You cannot own a person.

Another thing people do is, be stupid over their kids having sex when they're older. Getting verbally aggressive with their kid and their lover / fuckbuddy and even physically aggressive. Like, am I the only one that thinks it's creepy how parents are obsessed with their children's virginity / sexuality? They aren't your possessions and have ever right to be sexually active, and if you're going to kick them out of the house over them having sex, then that shows what a "wonderful" parent you are. Fucking creepos.

Oh wait, how can I forget, people would rather "defend" animals and say how they're people, rather then actual people.

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