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Textures studies

Study to draw various textures. Very useful exercise, recommend to do it for everyone!
Maybe, try to make textures on spheres later.

You can also check this inspiring work ---> [link] by amazing artist :icontanathe:

Tutorials folder ----> [link]

Have nice day holidays! :woohoo:
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I can not say that i know much about game design, but I can say that I know a bit about artsy things and personally I think that this is a very good start. Something that I would work on, though, is adding depth to your textured surfaces because a lot of the ones you have drawn above seem rather flat. Other than that I think that this piece could be a very helpful stepping stone in your career and that you should continue down this path. I wish you good fortune and luck in all of your future endeavors. Hope this was of some help.
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This is truly inspiring for those who want their career as an artist and a game designer.I personalily love these textures.The 3D effect really matches the originality and is extremely detailed which every gamer likes to see.For those that want to expand the originality,you could try to make your own mob programming by taking your time and put more study into reading how if your not sure.By making a new original program,you are on the start line of inspiring those that can be in the future famous(including you of coarse) and they will inspire more and more people.We thank you.
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As a minecraft builder in my free time i can easily appreciate the concepts in this picture, and having read the other critiques i can say i agree with them. However, i do realize how hard it is to transfer a spherical texture on to a cubic object, take for instance the football (Yes, i'm british), while it does have a bad ratio of black to white, it would be hard to get it completely accurate due to the snipping and/or stretching effect as you force the texture to fit.

aside from that, i have no real bugbears about this other than it screaming minecraft at my eyes. i feel that some parts of this image would make excellent textures for objects in game, such as the watermelon.

overall i actually like this, its very clear to me that this is a study and a test of the creators skill, and while some things dont look 100% correct they do all resemble what they are meant to resemble. even the football.
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This is quite the pack! I'd never seem something like this, since I have not played MineCraft a lot. I'm sure if I showed this to my friends that play MineCraft, they would be really impressed. The textures are truly something else, I, myself, would like to these in game. Although the swirl on the chocolate cake is big, it looks a piece of cake I'd take home after an all night party. If I did this, there's gonna be something I would do; do more textures to please MineCraft players. I hope you keep doing these, I'm sure Notch would noticed these.
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Despite all of the comments about minecraft, yes this would make an excellent texture packet. I urge you to make one out of these! Seriously! People are addicted to the game, so they need believable images like yours as the faces of the various blocks of the game. I could use a melon like the one you made, boob jokes aside.

Very good job on these overall. I do like how you made some textures look quite believable, like the cheese block and the icey blue one beside the velvet fabric. You even brought in the kitchen sink. Genius.

But, this is a critique, so I have to burst your bubble somehow. I'm confused about the one right before the cake. Is that a flower? How it sprouts from the corner is just... weird. And the soccer cube has an unsafe ratio of black patches to white. Otherwise, that's it.
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I'm fairly certain, that the texture right before the cake, is a cactus texture... PS. Great critique! My thoughts exactly!
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I mean, if it was from Minecraft I'd see it that way...
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The art style that was used in this picture is one of my favorite styles and was executed amazingly and with amazing artwork like this comes fans or artists who are inspired by your work or the work that inspired you which I find to be the case for myself and now being a fan of your art I will add you to my watch but I must say that this art style needs more use in images such as this one and should be turned into a minecraft texture pack of sorts because of the great way this would work in the minecraft universe and how simaler the two are (P.S love the trashbag texture lol).
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The fish is my favorite...

No Debate at all...
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why diid my brain go straight to minecraft?
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Everything, including the kitchen sink!
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look at that awesome fishy xD
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This should be a minecraft texture pack :3
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this is great!
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Haha, I love it!
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The melon reminded me of a Minecraft melon...
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Please make these into icons? They rock! :D
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reminds me of Minecraft
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Tutorial incredibly nice and helpful! Thank you guy!
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ох мои глаза,я только сейчас заметила,что вы говорите на русском!!!Счастье то какое!!х))(это называется-не оторвать глаз от ваших чудесных работ х))
Очень нравятся ваши работы))
А здесь больше всего рыбка и картонная  коробка))
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