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This huge picture I`ve made for Congo`s forwarders on their wall. It has 3 metres x 1.5 m size :)

Open for commissions and interesting projects: game locations, book covers, concepts, character and prop design. 
Just send me a Note using my e-mail -

Some of my works:

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This is flawless. I love it! The light reflecting in the water is spectacular. I enjoy looking at the joy of the photo and how the people present such job by dancing around the fire. The trees and the setting are beyond beautiful. The blood splatter under the big kitty is so precise and phenomenal. I read about how big it is. That must have taken a while but that doesn't take away how glorious it is at all. The colors all stand out but compliment each other. My personal favorite part of this picture would be the owl/large bird in the background. I almost missed it because I thought it was smoke but looking closer, I was able to see such detail in such a small area.
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Awesome and very inspiring.