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Medieval France

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Hope you liked it!

King by Azot2016Black quarter by Azot2016Robot`s laboratory by Azot2016Sunrise by Azot2016Aliens by Azot2016Tomb Raider sketch by Azot2016

Have a nice day! :woohoo:
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when you look at this picture in front of a black background it takes better advantage.

and i never said this before, but this picture, is the best one i ever see! 
because it makes my curious to go around the corner, to get a better look at the bright parts!!
oceandeepest's avatar
It is... soo beautiful. 
yosj's avatar
Чудесно!!! Очень нравится!!!
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Gorgeous work. Top marks to you. 
CorgiFoxi's avatar
Ahh absolutely gorgeous! omfg Great job! Can I ask you how long this took to make and what program you used?
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
I think I have that game!
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Helen790's avatar
So beautiful I feel like a scene this amazing needs a story :)
ItsJoeDes's avatar
Hello I really like this painting. I need to ask, what are you using to create your grid at the beginning?
YukeraYasha's avatar
I played this one, it was a good nav screen
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4mumeantmore's avatar
my friend youre work is amazing
Nerdy-Bunnies's avatar
Wow, such artistic ways. It looks like you used a 3D model. Im inpressed. You should use your artwork for books and such! You are a very talented one. I hope one day I could work up skills like this.
vanillaorangelatte's avatar
Well, that's just beautiful and peaceful, I like the ivy and the lights in the windows especially.
MintFlavoured's avatar
Wow, beautiful work.
artweak's avatar
When you see scene like this and it makes you wish you live in a place like this rather than the city. You really give life to this painting, keep up the great job! ;)
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LittleMissLorenor's avatar
it really makes you feel like you're on that street.
Whitneyk113's avatar
Wow, this is so beautiful!
kayandjay100's avatar
Warm, atmospheric and so whimsical ~ lovely work! :deviation: :iconmagrat90: Coco
StillWatersAreDeep's avatar
It really is a beautiful piece of art. :) I really love the details you added, like the water flowing out of the vase. I don't think that you know about it, but it reminds me of the moments on Pottermore where you can explore each picture/scene and discover so many little things and your works also include so many details that you can discover (even if they're not animated). So great work.:goodjob: revamp

If I may ask, how many ours have you spend on this picture?
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Thank you for your comment!
I think I spent 30-40 hours on it !
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