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Cthulhu`s Book

The Book of Death... :)

Process: Cthulhu`s Book in process by Azot2014

Open for interesting projects! Just note me! :) (Smile)

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Have a nice weekend! :woohoo:
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"Klatu Verata Ni...Khe-khe"

Great art. Thanks for adding link to WIPs: always interesting to know the process.

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Scary and amazing!  :toocool:  Artwork and coloring are great!Congratulations!  :winner:
 Please,make more pics showing other mythos stuff,as the Kitab Al-Azif,Zanthu tablets,Ponape Scriptures and the Seven Books of Hsan! :greetings:
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Makes me think of Pirates: Tides of Fortune
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Very mysterious looking book!:rose:
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Просто изумительно.
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If I were to find this item in a game, I would be very excited.  Books and scrolls are usually kind of drab, however; this one looks very powerful and surely has an interesting history.  You have some very creative work.
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Is that an Illithid on the cover?
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Amazing imagery! 
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¡Your work is amazing! ¡I think that you do a lot of this beautiful works, i need you like teacher. Just i dont know how to say that is a beautiful painting. Good work! <3
Very, very good work!
what horrible secrets lie within?
no really, I'm honestly curious!
what is written in the book?
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r u a real artist or is this just a hobby?
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Wow, it looks so real ! The Necromicon ! Your work is perfect !
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Is it real? It looks so realistic 
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I instantly thought of "The Call Of Cthulhu" when I saw this.
But amazing, love the detail
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Ah, the Necrotelecomnicon ;)
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Cripes! I'm not sure I should be *looking* at that thing, much less *touch* it!! DX

Very nicely done though.
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Holy shit stain, this is good o3o
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