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Coming soon "Kane And The Seven Hells" the second book in Seraphine Abrams Fantasy Series

Kane is engaged to Allison even though his whole body and soul cries out for Megaera- the Fury warrior. The wedding is but hours away, guests are arriving to witness the union; among them come some unexpected and uninvited guests that will unleash hell on their world. The truth of Dorian, Lucio's twin brother thought to be the mastermind and arch villain will be revealed that will unravel hidden secrets, alliances and plots no one knew existed.

Cover for the first book is here:

Some of my works:

Thanx guys for your attention! and have a nice day :woohoo:

Kane And The Seven Hells by Seraphine Abrams. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.
Books by Seraphine Abrams:
Kane And The Elven Realms (book 1 of the series).
Kane And The Seven Hells (coming soon).
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The colors are delicately vibrant and every detail looks amazing! I love the waterfalls (specially) in the background. I have to say your talents are impressive! Every part of this illustration can easily stand on its own and still be breathtaking. I congratulate you on your fantastic accomplishment. As you continue to grow artistically I can imagine you'll take the worlds breath away with everything you set your mind to do. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> I wish you the best with any learning goal you set your mind to artistic and otherwise. Please accept my sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations! I am certain that every book will be stunning with this illustration ( I can't wait to see it materialize in the near future).
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Thank you very much for such beautiful critique! )

"I can't wait to see it materialize in the near future"

me too.
I want to buy two books (on paper) and I will read them :)
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Hopefully it will be very soon. I'm currently looking at publishers. It appears people are interested in purchasing a copy of the book (on paper), which is truly awesome!
Talk to you very soon,
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Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!
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Oh shit, I can't stop!!! XD

I love your art!!!! Heart 
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This is really quire a sight!
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Fantastic work ! :)
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soooo cool and detailed
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Oh my god, the beautiful , it makes me cry
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This has been featured here: [link]
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colors-check; realistic scenery-check; fantasy- :heart:!

I love the vibrant colors and the softness of the picture. I'm a fan of waterfalls and floating lands that seem to be taken away from the earth and I just love the plants-so unique and beautiful! It's like a creative version of the Garden of Eden! :love:

This is one of those artworks where you want to dive in and live in for at least a day... :love:

I'm practically in love with this! :heart:
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beautiful art work!
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Thank you for adding magic in our everyday ordinary lives.
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really beautiful and creative <3
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Amazing. I like it very much. Keep up the great job and thanks for the inspiration as I'm working on my second art ;)
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Congratulations on another breathtaking escape! The beautiful and realistic colors make it almost tangible. I cannot wait to see it on the book cover. You are truly a talented and dedicated artist. At this rate you will soon become a world known illustrator. :D Continue to build on your skills and they will take you far! Once again congratulations!Are you making the this image available for consumers?
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