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Hi guys!

Not usual stuff from me, but I want to draw some portraits... Why not? :)

Have a lot of fun to draw her face! )

Hope you liked it! )
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KitiiCone23Student General Artist
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I Love this piece. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
Color: I like the eyes in this especially the color. The pink magenta. So cool! I like the stripes on her face. And the bird mark on her forehead. Actually, I like to monotone colors of everything else. It makes the eyes stand out and pop!
Originality: I believe this piece is very original. I haven't seen anything like this which is good! I like originality.
Technique: I like the shading and the texture and the detail. I like the wispy blue marks and its so amazing.
I love this piece and great job!
This is amazing Azot2014!
Cant wait to see more!
Kitiicone loves it!
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SushyKinoHobbyist Digital Artist
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I fear making this critique. It only took a second and I spotted several things that just jumped out. First off I want to say, beautifully done. Second, due to the way the lighting hits her face, here eyes look off set. The right side of her face is casted in shadows perfectly. Then I get to the left side and I noticed the shadows are not as strong where they need to be. Under the left eye there is a darker patch of shading, yet it dose not blend further back into the hood. It stops and leaves a lighter pass of the shadows next to the hood. And because the shading stops even above the eye along it's fold the eye itself looks much higher giving it that offset look. I would like to point out that the light at the shine at the start of the left eye is a little strong where it folds. Maybe soften that a little more? Traveling higher to the brow, it is a little obvious that it is unfinished compared to the right side eyebrow.
I also see some rim light on her forehead above the brow [left side] that wouldn't show unless the hood had some reflectivity. Some cloths do let light penetrate through, but with the way and density of the cloth I can only assume it is a thick material.
The major problem that screams to me is basically the left side in general needs another shadow pass for it to be consistent with the right side. Her nose is cute and all. I see it ever so slightly turned up to the right. I don't know if that was intentional or accidental. Nice job there.
I'm at the bottom of the hood's folds and I can see more things that confuse me. Fabric folds are beautiful, but I noticed some of the folds don't flow correctly. There are two. On the left the wavy fold that travels downward. I think it should have stopped where the next fold going across comes out. Instead it continues downward and folds under? It makes me think the edge or bottom of the hoods opening will come out around there instead of cutting acrossed where it actually is. On the right for the second fold, it is the piece that cuts acrossed the middle. It stops inside the bulging of the fold right above it. There is no distinction in that one little area that tells me the fold is curving inward or downward. It would be nice if that fold had curved up inside instead of stopping.
Noticed another thing too just before submitting this. The design sown into the under part of the hood. Looks great on the left side, but there is too big a gap on the right side for it to correspond with the left side along the inner edge of the hood. The sowing lines also look much bigger or wider. They should be a little tighter and closer to the hoods edge. With where it is at, it says this is where the edge of the hood is. When in fact, the edge is further out with where the hoods lighting indicates it to actually be. Also, I don't know if this person might be carrying a backpack or something. The way the cloak fans out so far around the head, gives me the impression of someone with an extremely wide shoulder area. I would have liked to see the cloak area curve inward a little like it would just be hanging from the head alone, before the cloth meets the shoulders. Giving a few folds to pull the cloth away from the head more.
I believe that is everything I can see.
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Absolutely magical! :-)
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Ну да. Quake  первый :D Милашка
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VolchonokilliStudent Traditional Artist
Quake? :D
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ClaireBear26Student Filmographer
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Просто шикарно! ♥
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Very nice
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SilverVulpineHobbyist Photographer
Very nice work. :)
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GrellMichealisHobbyist General Artist
This is soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful how do you draw like this?

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V4YGR3Hobbyist General Artist
a beautifull face...woaw...
great job ;)
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SeptemberNekoHobbyist Artist
This is an amazing artwork! I love the focus on the face and all the details :la:
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Nerdy-BunniesHobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty! I really like how you put the nice effect on her facial features. :D
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pjenzHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome work :heart:
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NeusGeiger Digital Artist
I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! La la la la  sooo cooool!!
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KayceeSkyesStudent Artist
this is beautiful (/*o*)/
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wow is all i can say Clap 
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KIPERFuNHobbyist General Artist
Is that a quake symbol?
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argilegargoyleStudent General Artist
extremely nice. I am a harsh crtic and I have nothing bad to say. Excellent.
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superpapermariorocksStudent Traditional Artist
Wow!! That's amazing!!
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I wonder what kinda story does she have. :meow: Beautiful! :D
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JanthegiraffekeeperHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow awesome!
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jargondojoHobbyist Filmographer
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Azot2019Professional Digital Artist
thank you! )
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