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Jiatl to ahh ( Death to all )
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My Bio

Race: Orcs
Culture: Gundabag Orcs (Goblins of Moria)
Height: over 7ft
Hair color: none
Eye color: Bloodshot-blue
Weapon: Orc Scimitar, Mace , prosthetic arm
Other names: Azog the Defiler, The Pale Orc, Azog the Goblin
Titles:King of the Goblins of Moria, The Defiler
Date of birth: Unknown

Other Interests
Destroying villages
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I Roleplay with any one i do not care what fandom it is i only enjoy to roleplay for fun, I do roleplay using the orc language as i am roleplaying Azog, But don't worry Azog wouldn't expect others to understand him so he does speak english as well for example Azog the defiler is translated to " Asog tli jifehir." but its Pronounced: "AH-seeoh-ge te-luee jaeee-feeay-haee-ra" I wouldn't expect you to really understand Orc language again so don't worry if you don't get it the first time you'll understand when he says it in english XD.  I am not mean like the actual Azog so don't worry i won't Kehh you XD it's pronounced " KUKeay-ha-ha aeohoo" as
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Ember: *a young female human who looked like Elsa but had a red sparkly dress and orange blazey hair was in the woods in the dead of night. Her fiery hair lit up her surroundings making it easy for her to see, like a walking lantern. I accidently bumpped into Azog. I looked up at this pale creature* Oh sorry sir-*eyes widen in fear* MONSTER!!! *raises my palms which turns into balls of fire* 
So much Azog on this page :o (Eek) Heart Love Clap :D (Big Grin) 
Ooc: thank you for the watch ^_^
You're welcome !