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googly eyes

whoa I haven't updated dA in a long time, sorry
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I think I broke a rib from laughing so much

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Oh dear lord....
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XD hahahahaha!!! poor kenny, just got rejected!!
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are those googly eyes on his chest?
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hence why this art is called googly eyes...
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Loool! This made me giggle more than it should have! :')
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Lol Kyle was like, "I'm just gonna pretend I never saw that." XD
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I really want to see Kenny wiggle his chest and make the eyes roll lol
Kyle, get back in here!
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o my god i laugh soooo hard x'D

(the "do you like what you see" remind me "for your entertainment" by adam lambert x'3)
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Same reaction as Kyle...

It's really funny.  Great work! ^^
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for once his eyes are down there
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and glad to see more work from you ^v^
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hahahhahahhahhh omf im dying someone help
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omg his nips. lol
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