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HP: Snape and Dumbledore

More Harry Potter fanart!
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the colours and textures are super nice
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Awww nooooo snapppeeeey i am still not over his and alan rickmans death sooo saaad but your pic is beautiful!

Petition to bring back Percival Graves (fantastic beasts) :…

Greetings from Germany
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Wow! I love it!
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Great men cast great shadows, shadows that soon gain a life of their own
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Brief, but fair spoken.
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This is beautiful. :)
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It's so great. Severus in the Shadow of Dumbledore. Yeah, it's it!
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It's ironic in it's own right, since it was always Snape from the shadows saving the day and making everything right. 
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RIP Alan Rickman.  So sad.  Beautiful piece of art!!!!  Really captures Snape's mysterious inner self.  Just sense that there is so much more to him than meets the eye. 
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Snape and raven would be bff
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Dumbledore is bathed in light while Snape loyally serves him in the shadows...
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hahahahaha Dumbledore looks like the emperor of china xD
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oooo I love it and I love you snapey and dumbleydore
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 i love it! It's cool!
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made me sad.... i love it
A beautiful homage to classical paintings right there.
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I love how much this represents. Just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
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Hi ! This beautiful pic has been featured in a gathering of Harry Potter fanarts ! Have a look ! ([link])
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Totally agree with the previous comment!
Wow, this is gorgeous!
Love the light, and that you get the feeling that there's a story behind it.
Well done!
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This is beautiful! In every aspect it's just amazing. I especially love the lighting.
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I love this. It looks as though Dumbledore is Snape's protector, a shield. Works out well, since I think Snape is the type to prefer the shadows.
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