Updates for June 2016

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Hello again, I've got some updates to share.
But first, just a reminder, if you need input from me please send it through the website at www.PrinceArmory.com or when it is finished, my new personal page at fantasysmith.guru.  If you message me here I may not see it for months.

  • The First Age Sauron Armor is complete and I did manage to put up gallery and basic blog post covering the highlights.  Both are on the www.princearmory.com site. (click Blog/Gallery)
  • I have set up a Patreon page Ideally, this will allow for time to for producing more of the behind the scenes content I’ve had so many requests for.  If you’ve ever wanted more guides or tutorials, or more work in progress photos, and more thorough blogs or other write ups talking about processes and tools, or if you’ve ever just tried to throw your wallet at me/Prince Armory but it just bounced uselessly off the screen – this Patreon campaign would be a good way to go.  Check the page for more info and start throwing those wallets again if you please.
  • New Site! If anyone has an interest in following my personal endeavors and future business plans be sure to check out my new site www.FantasySmith.guru. My goal here is to become a little more active in the world and increase my public profile a bit.  I hope to use this new venture to springboard future business ideas as well as just being a general outlet for creative things I want to do that may not involve the Prince Armory flavor of work.  You can now also find me on twitter.com/fantasysmith as well as instagram.com/fantasysmith
  • Future Venture! Call out for any artisan, maker, costumer, craftsman, hobbyist or professional, or anyone with a home studio or shop! I am requesting volunteers to send images of your work space/shop/studio to be featured in an upcoming series where we offer tips and suggestions for improving your work space, featuring a guest host for each episode. Granted, it’s not a new concept but it will have its own fresh artisan-centric focus.These will be live-steamed and later posted to YouTube. If you’d like to be an early feature or guest please email images of your setup to StudioMakeover@PrinceArmory.com and tell me a bit about what you do and how you use your work-space. And also contact if you are interested in being a guest host or involved in any other way.

    We will cover a wide spread of work spaces from pure beginner to established professional, and all sorts of craft types, and the goal is to inspire and help people to achieve their ideal work space. Once an audience has been built we’ll be doing giveaways and even shop makeovers in the long run.

So, in short:
1. Check out www.PrinceArmory.com for the latest blogs of finished works
2. Throw your wallet at me on Patreon so I can start making more content for everyone
3. Check out my new site at www.FantasySmith.guru for non business related things
4. If you have a shop or home studio, submit it to be considered for a future stream/web show that is in the works.

And as always be sure to follow Prince Armory on facebook for completed works, wips, updates, and teasers www.Facebook.com/PrinceArmory
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