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Hello again, I'll be quick.

Please send inquiries to www.PrinceArmory.com and check our improved website.
Updates are usually at www.facebook.com/princearmory - please follow us there

If you sent me a note and received a generic "Please send any inquiries through www.PrinceArmory.com" I'm sorry I can't be more thorough but if you do require my input, please do send an inquiry through my site as it sends them to my business inbox and is the only place you can always be 100% sure I will respond.  

Project updates:  I do try to toss an image or two here and there to DA but most updates these days are on FB www.facebook.com/princearmory so I'd love it if you guys followed me there as well.

Website: I've put a lot of time and energy to my website and its got a lot of info these days and the design is pretty nice if I do say so myself.  If you have not seen it yet please do give it a visit www.PrinceArmory.com

There are some general updates on our website blog as well but I know most people just like to look at pictures of things so there is plenty of that as well.
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