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Medieval Loki Armor

Custom Leather Armor by Prince Armory

Consists of Helmet, Cuirass, Pauldrons, Full Arms, Full Legs, Tassets, Sabatons & Gauntlets, Cape, and Garment Skirting.

Hardened leather construction with brass hardware and some fabric bits. The horns on the helmet are water buffalo. It has some snake and wolf themes pertaining to the original Loki mythology/lore. I’ll be doing some additions to the cape and making a magical staff prop and more down the road.

It is called Medieval Loki because I am doing a series called the Medieval Legends where I take popular modern and historic icons, superheroes and villains, and I approach the costume design from the standpoint of “What if this character was an armored knight in a Fantasy Medieval Universe?” Loki is the third incarnation after Medieval Batman and Medieval Aquaman. Medieval Joker is up next. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Iron Man, Spawn, Deadpool, Green Lantern and more are also in the works : )

Not the best pic ever but we've been waiting for the ideal shoot conditions but they just haven't come along. So this was a shot in our Imperial Armories ren fest shop during a rainy day. There are a number of additions I'll be doing to the set in time.

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WOW really bad ass armor

That is so badass.
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Wow this is hella cool
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Amazingly creative, I love it.
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One word : Wow! :worship:
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I just have to say this is an amazing piece of art!! I admire your work every time I come to TRF. I'm a huge fan of your work and I always enjoy seeing what new armor pieces you have each year, so when you say you are working on a Medieval Iron Man and a Medieval Spawn I am truly stoked!!! I especially can not wait to see how the Medieval Spawn turns out. I am a huge fan of the Spawn comics and I know you will do another awesome job on it!!
Keep up the good work.
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I want to be a model for any female ones you do Sam! :D That Loki is AMAZING! You guys did great!
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That's the shiznit, right there.  Great work!
MajinNeda's avatar
Wow, well done! I'm very excited to see the others you have planned. Also very curious to see how the Joker will look.
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Brilliantly amazing! WOW! Amazingly well done! :D :heart: :worship:
how much would you like for the red one on the right cuz im in love with it
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Email for inquiries
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Excellent craftsmanship. I am thoroughly impressed.
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Now there's absolutely amazing costume to be proud of that you made yourself. :trophy: Perfect time to parade it too, coming October 31st. ;)
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kind of digging this loki more than the movie. much more menacing
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Awesome work!
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That is awesome. Great work!
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