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Medieval Aquaman Armor

King of Atlantis - Ruler of the Seven Seas

You've heard the news right? Aquaman is cool again and rightfully so!

Photos by the amazing [link]

All leather construction as usual. Brass hardware. Various dyes and paints used for coloring. Original design with some inspiration drawn from the New 52 Comics.

Be sure to check my gallery [link] for other such things and the Prince Armory site as well [link]

Other Medieval Spinoffs of other heroes and villains confirmed for future production! Contact me if you want your favorite icon created in a fantasy medieval setting and brought to life in leather.

Don't forget Medieval Batman! They'll be paired up for the Florida MegaCon this weekend.
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*looks at badass Aquaman armor*
*looks at lame armor drawing on tablet*
*looks at badass Aquaman armor again*
*tosses tablet through window*
*throws pens after it*
*slams window closed*
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Royal armor as fitting of Prince Armory.
chriscoven's avatar
Simply amazing
Nukablast's avatar
I've seen him I believe at TN Renfair, was amazing!
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Wow!  That's an incredible costume!  :omfg:
HARUnoKABO's avatar
Pour le prochain film avec Jason Momoa en Aquaman ils aurait du prendre cette armure plutot que de refair un Cara Design totalement différent!

For the next movie with Jason Momoa in Aquaman they should take that armor! Seriously, do you see the new CaraDesig!
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This is pretty dope.
mavericstud9's avatar
daring Aquaman design
Akamar's avatar
Aw... I am made sad... When I first saw this, it was while searching for costumes made using eva foam and plastidip...
Acherius's avatar
if they ever do the Aquaman movie, they should get armor like this for Aquaman.
Artapologia's avatar
This work is really fablulous !
TgirlValentine's avatar
SOOO pretty...err I mean ruggedly handsome!
advancing's avatar
Oh wow I saw you during this years Free Comic Book Day, I was very impressed but was pressed for time to get any info on you. You did such an amazing job, I'm glad I have a source to reference people to when I speak about the amazing Aquaman I saw.
WilliamFDrake's avatar
Wohoooo. Good looking armor. I like it. And the depth of detail.
overlord-costume-art's avatar
fucking exquisite dude.
Sonic-chaos's avatar
I love it when people portray Aquaman with the respect he deserves!
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
Aqua man is suddenly cool
Sonic-chaos's avatar

Aquaman has always been cool in the comics. ALWAYS!
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
He stands around in a low cut shirt with green underwear and yells at guppies to do his bidding. Aqua man... more like, Aqua... dork... HA!
Sonic-chaos's avatar
He has super strength, super speed, super stamina, is a master of armed combat, an expert tactician, can kick Super Man's ass, has magic, stabbed Drakseid in the face with his trident, has water bending, bullet proof skin, resistant to heat and cold, is the king of the most advance society on earth, and controls 70% of the planet. Also he doesn't talk to fish. He commands them and they are too stupid to say no (Dolphin are another story). He freaking eat fish. Also he got rid of the low cut a long time ago, has been wearing long green pant for a while, and there are super heroes that stupider costumes.

Here is his current appearance [link]

Aquaman has been a badass for a long time.
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