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October 11, 2009
Female Dragon Armor - Compiled by *Azmal. The suggester wrote, "When I found this beautiful piece of art, I thought it was for a doll, but when I found out it was full sized, not to mention made of leather, I was pretty much stunned -- that's pretty epic amazing!" Details of this fullsuit of female leather armor can be seen at all angles in fullview and is highly recommended.
Featured by Kitten-of-Woe
Suggested by copperarabian
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Female Dragon Armor - Compiled

Edit: Compiled the images in a little better way hopefully and cropped it partially. Trying to spruce up my gallery here and there when I have a spare minute.

Well here it is, finished at last. Been working on this for the last couple months alongside other several other smaller commissions.

Again, the alternative lifestyle 'man'-equin is entirely unsuited for the task of representing the armor properly, but it's all I've got for now, so we'll have to wait for the owner to grace us with some proper photos.

Made entirely from leather.
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

thegilgameshlore's avatar
my eyes are being assaulted by beautiful leatherwork!
What do you mean, "It's not for sale???" I would buy this a thousand times over this is amazing I just can't even.
HylianJean's avatar
Had I produced this it would have basically been the culmination of a life's work. I am floored. Absolutely outstanding. 
TrippleDragon's avatar
Wow! Awesome works. Wish I could do something like that. What can you say about the special colouring technique?
74381's avatar
Amazing! It looks like it was made of real scales and hide of a dragon.
snazzie-designz's avatar
Stunningly beautiful, but also it is refreshing to see female armour that is practical and actually suitable as armour, protecting the essential organs unlike many female armour costumes out there which leave the core area exposed!
Renee-Niels's avatar
INDEED! If ya ask me, practical female armor is more attractive because it keeps our lady Berserker or Knight or whatever from dying in battle and losing that pretty face of her's. XD
Azmal's avatar
Pewitt0Jack's avatar
how did you get your metal to turn green?
DaChief07's avatar
How in the world can you get those colors so bright!? This is beautiful.
JARM13's avatar
What an amazing set of parade armor . Wonderful work .
SephiraAngel's avatar
wow this is real armor? awesome
HobbyFX's avatar
really, what can be said on this apart from WOW! awesome work!
Azmal's avatar
Ellygator's avatar
Fantastic reptilian textures and sheen!
Kabetchett's avatar
Its beautiful <3
MegaHeroes16's avatar
... It's a whole suit of armor, right?
Gazingcosplay's avatar
O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wants one!! :heart:
KesraReulen's avatar
The owner is one lucky lady.
Phoenix001's avatar
Holy **** O_O I Want! :worship:
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