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Fantasy Admiral Map Hat

Haven't had much time to upload new stuff or be active on DA lately but here's a project finished fairly recently.
It's a leather admiral style hat with a map theme with a mermaid and Neptune and some other stuff.
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Azmal; would you be willing to make a second hat like this - and for how much?
Azmal; would you be willing to make a second hat like this - and for how much?
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I can say nothing but, OH MY LORD, I want one!!! :wow:
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I'm a cartographer, or used to be -- this is right up my alley.
The problem is the map is on the outside rim, visible to all! Clearly it needs to be on the top if you are going to curl it so much. ;)
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The more mundane story for this might be a new hat recycled from an outdated map.
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dude!!!! i love that!!!
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*steals the hat and runs away*
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I need one of these for when I feel a little crazy, so I can just walk through the house, or go get the mail in it.

Idea for your next one, make it a treasue map, wink wink.
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Wow, that looks pretty cool. It looks like something you'd see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
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Love the idea!
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Wow, that is a seriously awesome hat. As a collector of weird and interesting hats, how much would that cost?
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Oh for the love of pete. I knew you would create a fantastic hat and you did. Why must the economy be so cursed as to keep my pocket book so thin right now. The hat would make a fantastic addition to any costume. Your idea to put a map upon the leather is very imaginative and offers a great story to be told for any admiral or pirate at it my be to conjure up about its priceless existance. I have no way to place a commision but I've alot of pirate enactment freinds that might well have the funds where I run short. I will introduce them to your gallery. :)
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this is crazy - and very cool
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awe man i love it. is your stuff for sale?
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Sometimes, but if you'd want something like this I mostly do custom orders. It's what I do full time.
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thats super cool! i bet the photo doesn't do it justice
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thats really creative

i really love the old style map
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that IS quite impressive, wonderfully well done, I'll be showing this one to friends, for sure!
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What a cool idea! Have you done anything other than armour?

How long did this take? (I'm betting that the illustrations took the most time.)
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Well this isn't armor hehe. I do lots of things other than armor. Armor is just more of my circumstantial mainstream I guess ; )
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I'm sure right after you took that pickture it exploded from PURE AWESOME.
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