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Elven Knight Preview

By Azmal
Leather helmet to a fantasy elven knight hybrid armor of sorts, full suit complete soon. This is just a preview as its not really fully assembled and the requested color scheme is silver and grey.
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I do unique custom works so you could commission something similar. if you're interested
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That is gorgeous!!
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Fantastic work!
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Gorgeous work, I look forward to seeing what else you've got in your gallery!
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I love this mohawk style with the tail in back. it's really incredible!
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Thanks much
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That is quite impressive. Are you planning to have a mask or detatchable visor of any kind to cover the face?
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Nah not for this one
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:worship: Wow! Very well done!

Where would be a good place on the internet to buy a super long pink feathery Helmet plume similar to this? [link]
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I have no idea lol I imagine something could be found with some leg work but I don't know off hand.
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That is so beautiful! You truly have a gift.
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Can't wait to see the full suit. This looks epic.
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Wow - amazing work. Truly remarkable
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That's movie quality. That's good work.
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Wow - that is truly a work of art - amazing.
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This helmet is unbelievably Nifty. Nice job :)
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Ooh, I'm excited for the rest of this! Let us know when the commercial's out, will you? :)
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