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Marble Dragon
ok here is another great drawing from…
 this lovable Psycho is my out of the box Supervillian from two different universe's 

see he is from the Tmnt universe originally a member of the Foot clan/ during there crossover ( Batman/Tmnt) about 30 or more Foot clan members got stuck in the Dc universe
Mervin Long later known as Marble Dragon was one of them

he spent time in Arkham with a cell mate named Jeffe Cruz/ A.k.a Hivetrooper002 ( my brothers character) Mervin started a riot to sneak into the evidence storage room to whip up an gizmo to get out or the looney bin. he found some old military items, a vile of Metagene left by the Shredder , a box filled with Brainiac nanites  and Reverse flash's left over stuff 
Mac'gyvering  the shit out of all that mostly  he took the Ooze and nanites /Exobytes and cobbled together tech to only get beamed up by the alien invader Brainiac and gain superspeed a lizard like exterior and some scrambled brains as a result of glimpsing the Multiverse.

also he owns a Dojo: called: Phooey Dojo : since he learn some More martial arts  from Hong Kong Phooey's old dojo in China town.
and he teaches the fine art of Phooling  or unseen trickery ( how he puts it " ya know why Donald Duck always says those famous words Aaa! Phooey ! every time something goes bad that was me or a student of mine" ) 
Bet ya can't tell how fast I'm goin in this picture: Marble Dragon.
R'olic the Raider
Art by / Drawn last year

name: R'olic Jagg M'Kao
rank : Dahar Master/ Pirate lord
race: Ferasan
ship: custom refitted Kazon heavy Raider : Renamed: I.K.S. Tigershark

Armor & Weapons:

   Armor: Undine Biotech battle armor & Tzenkethai sheild
weapons: Mirror Universe Agony split beam Rifle Mk.11, and Ferengi Elctro Whip ( most often used)
skilled in various other forms of combat & genetically augmented to be a perfect hunter.
Pet: Jackal Mastiff : named: Skruffy
other Devices:
    Universal isolation field generator ( makes a group invisible), Crawler SwarmX 4 toxic/radiation mines ( homing), Papa 607 Robot Drone, Protomatter bombardment/ munitions ( localized), & Anit-matter Over charge portable turret / Boarding cannon.

Crew: Listed race/rank
: Fereasan/ 1st mate & Wife: Niira S'ii M'Kao
: Klingon/2nd Officer: K'Gan Kulox
: Klingon/ Chief engineer: Ch'gren Kas'Sek
: Klingon/ 3rd officer & tactical specialist : B'ellera Zarzuela
: Gorn/ head medical officer: Thraak Gazzan
: Lethean/ Tactical Intelligence Specialist : Corifit 
: Nausicann/ Science Officer: Rum
: Jem'Hadar/ Tactician officer: Kurak'Ukan
: Lethean/ Scientific Intelligence & Medical advisor/ Uvneir
: Orion/ Tactical Whiles Specialist / Zorna
Terry Darkstar
lol I know its a bit late in posting my Brother Zach's Star Wars character; hope you guys like him. Art was done by

Name: Terence Darkstar
Affiliation: C.I.S. / Nimbus Commando's 

marked with an exceptional talent in Marksmanship, Swamp, and Jungle terrain expertise 'Terry' as most folks call him is a freelance Mercenary, who works for any amount of money, in addition he can be honorable at times. Much like ( Capt. Cold) he has a complex code of Ethics and regularly endeavor's  to one up the competition.
he will go as far as it takes to complete the Job and go out of his way to bash an ex. clone trooper if need be.

skilled in various and extensive amount of weapons he had a talent for commanding and repairing Droids, using a cybernetic implant he can keep in touch with his team of Rusty ill given non- Robotic companions. and has made many non-Human acquaintances over the years and transition from the clone wars to the empire such as Maxximus Djinn, Dyno Dragos'Na, and Ashanna Lombaxx, frequently he partners with a smuggler Named Xela Arak. 

sporting a custom Hover-Board just as good as any speeder his movements can be more fluid than you expect. in addition to an unorthodox approach to tactics he makes for a deadly enemy in the galaxy at large. (will be featured in my book ) 
Maxximus Djinn
ok here is one of the most cunning, Fly by the seat of his pants guys I personally have ever created.
Art By:

Name: Maxximus Djinn
Occupation: Thief, Mercenary, Agent Of The Empire

at an early age Max was a fan of Pod-racing, little did he know that he would later be recruited by none other than Darth Vader to put the Kibosh on his favorite sport.
picked up after a botched getaway went south after a crew of criminals working for the Pike crime syndicate failed to loot the Bank of Coruscant. being a kid in a similar circumstance as  the young and former Anakin Skywalker. Lord Vader decided to punish Max in a particular way were he didn't expect this young Xeno to pass a single bar in the imperial academy.
To everyone's surprise Max worked his way into a special rank where only he and a few others could chauffeur the Emperor & Vader himself around the city streets of the city.
upon gaining a Notorious Piloting stature in the Empire Max was on of the Dark Legion Pilots that flew the former Jedi Starfighters, that Vader repurposed into Sith interceptors.
most pilots hated them because they were to damn sensitive, due to Max's Genetic & cybernetic enhancements from being an Arkanian-Offshoot, he had the reflexes to handle and become a feared combat Ace. 
eventually Max was recruited to a top secret project called: Rogue Shadow becoming its third Pilot, and Shuttling Supply's to Vjun, At Vader's Request he kept tabs on his Dark Apprentice and gained trust in both Galan & Vader. while secretly downloading combat styles and forms from the training droid Proxy. Max found out he was to be executed as an example that the dark Apprentice trust no one. Max didn't take it well and lets just say he and his former retainer Darth Vader had a falling out leading him to partner up with Dyno Dragos'Na a Trandoshan Saw Bones/ mercenary assassin. and his bounty Hunter Partner Ashanna Lombax.
she later would marry Max but that is a story for another day. 

first off if you like my page please feel free to comment on my characters i know i credit the artist, but they are my ideas and it took alot of time to create them.
so any input is great.

secondly i got a deal with a few artists so that i can act as a middle man as it where  and broker between people who can't really contact  them
prices range from 10 -90 dollars ( via Paypal only) send me a note with references, and a description of what you want { i tac on a 5-15 dollar brokering fee) for clarification please ask i'm flexible with the Tac on.
art : types: include Oc's, bondage, webbing, mummification, fight scene's , and possible comic's

Ex. art that has been done for me  ( 1st pic was a brokered commission)


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United States
hey whats up i know i've been here for atleast a little while now such great art is on this site i love it. lol p.s i really suck at drawing.

{Note: to everyone ( unless i have sold a picture, or commissioned an artist's work) all characters and story lines are my property, and subject to copyright:}( artists whom i have commissioned are the exception to this rule. aside form they themselves from selling my characters with out my explicit permission.


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