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MaterialWho for KWGT 1.3.0


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Screenshot Contest 2020

UPDATE! CONTEST CLOSED, TIME TO VOTE. Welcome to the 2020 Edition of @CRCustomization Screenshot Contest. 📜 The rules and method of entering are simple. So please keep reading. The Challenge 📸 What is a Screenshot Contest exactly? To give you an idea what we'll be looking for please check out the SSC18 Contest entries from a couple years ago. The challenge is to create a screenshot of your desktop environment. The contest is open to Windows, Linux and mac OS users. The rules ⚠️ The rules are as follows. Only one entry per participant. New entries submitted after the contest begins only. Add this Journal to your favorites. :+fav: Tag your Submission #SSC2020 and link back to this Journal in your description. Proper credits are required when using or modifying existing work for the shot. BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN! 💯 Judging ⚖️ What we'll be looking for in your submission.. Try to create a harmonious look throughout. Level of difficulty in achieving the results. Be creative


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Loyal Flock


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Pink Lady with Totoro Live Wallpaper


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Hell folks, I hope you're all well!! As the title suggests, this journal is going to be dedicated solely on customization and the reason for it is that the best customizers are coming up with some incredible, visually stunning ideas that'll take you right out of the silly Windows basic set up which force you to accept things you shouldn't!! We all want to have our screen the way we like it (not just like William Gates Third aka Bill Gates for friends and followers and lovers want us all to be) and I'm not talking just about beauty but also efficiency. Since many of us need a different set up depending on the work you do or simply how you want to spice up your desktop, then it's clear that we NEED freedom to do whatever we want with our pc, right? Well, here is a list of awesome desktop customization tools to do just that :)

Awesome stuff

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Windows Customization

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The Gamer II


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The Heart of a Father


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Hijri Calendar / Prayer Times


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Maze Runner - Griever Concept Art


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Graduation And Friends Poem

We mark a new beginning, And no worry of fears. It'll be alright, There is no need for tears. We've got the greatest friends, Loyal and True, And always welcomed to pop in out of the blue. Helping each other, And the strangers we meet, Deep in our souls, Love being so sweet. Through the years we will grow, But one thing is certain, And you'll always know: No matter how busy, No matter how far, We'll always be there for each other. We'll make it there together. We'll always be here, Through a heart most sincere. Dreams do come true, We must always pull through. Even through sorrow, There will be a brighter tomorrow


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Malice Tab Conky


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MaterialWho for KWGT 1.3.0

Designs and Interfaces

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