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By AzizStark
MusicORB - Rainmeter

Here's the new visualizer!La la la la 
One day, I wanted to combine the 00dly(by Modular9) and Visbubble(by madhoe[Undefinist]) skins and I did it!:happybounce: 

This skin supports multiple players!

To switch player, right click on the orb and select the player you want.

The center Orb was designed by Modular9.
The Visualizer was designed by Madhoe.


You need rainmeter software:

After installing the software download and install the downloaded skinfile (MusicORB.rmskin)

That's all Enjoy!Love 
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lo consiglio molto bello

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Thank you so much! :)

no se pueden descargar

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You need a Deviantart account for downloading anything from dA. :(

Thank You and Kind Regards!

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Fantastic, just what I was looking for. Thanks a million!!

Really digging the eye candy to go with the tunes!! Nice work, AzizStark!

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Thankyou. :happybounce: Hug 
enlace de descarga caído :(
is it possible to change the size of the colour bars ?they are too tall for my screen .great skin though :D
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Sorry!u can't change the size of those bars. i will create a new skin with musicbar for different resolutions. 
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Only good for 750hz - 13khz, does not cover full playback frequency range
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Some computers have different audio hardwares and drivers, thats why! These skins work well with realtek hardware and drivers!!
can i change the color/height of the bars, the colour doesnt fit with my background and i think the bars are too small
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New skin with different colours is coming soon!
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Hey, how do I change the height of the colour bars? They're 5mm too short for my desktop :c
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5mm? WtF? It can extend upto 6cm! Please ensure that volume is full in your music player!
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No no no, I mean like this

Look at the bottom of the side things, there's a gap D:
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