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Metallic Colour Filler 1.0

Animated Rainmeter Skin For You!Love

Download And Install The Skin.

After Installing Play A Song And See What Happens!!:happybounce:

Download The latest Version Of Rainmeter Here
Thankyou For Downloading.*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen
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gracias es precioso

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Mine is not working please help I play a song on spotify.

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Make sure your volume is 100% in windows and in music player that you were using.

Yes I already did but its so loud. Can I adjust the gain or something so the colour filler will still work even if my volume is not 100 percent?

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You can adjust your volume in speaker. If you use laptop you need Boom3D driver. so that you can adjust the volume in windows without affecting the color filler animation. This is the problem with certain laptops (Including mine).

Very nice, I like it a lot! 

Is it possible to change the size, and if so, how? 
Also, it seems my levels stay under 30% all the time, even with the volume of my musicplayer at 100%, any idea as to why this could be? 

I'm a bit of a noob at coding and can't get if after 2h+ of trying :-/

Thank you very much for making this and for the time you would be willing to accord this message! 
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try 'illuminator' skin you will like it.
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Increasing the size will make it look BLURRED!
Nevermind I eventually managed to figure it out on my own! 
For those who would be interested here's what I did;

1) Added sizes here;
say it's 120 because that's how it fit best for me



2) Changed size of flil it & woofer1 in photoshop to 120 as well

Boom size changed!! 

I've made some changes in [measureForFlowAudioRaw_Out] as well to the RMSAttack & RMSGain as to get different heights in different speakers. But that's just because I find it prettier that way.  

Thanks a lot for making this AzizStark ! 
This is great! Is it possible that the speakers can be completely invisible when there is no music, and only be visible when music starts to play?
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NICE Idea! I will make a new skin with your idea!!
how do i download it
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right click download link and hit open in new tab that worked for me
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Thankyou for helping others! Kitsune sky
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thanks it worked
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Fine work! :iconbeardstrokeplz:
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dai ithu superda
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You improved on perfection, lol.. Nice style again....
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cool, i love the lights too :D
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