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:new:Update: Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, I will not be continuing this project. However, I strongly encourage you all to pay it forward yourselves!

Deviants so far who have received premium memberships as part of this project:


Thank you sososososo much to namenotrequired for helping me to promote this project!

Greetings! I am posting this to let you all know I have decided I want to try to pay the premium membership love forward, and so I am looking for donations to go toward buying premium memberships for other people :) You can find the donation box on my front page. PLEASE DONATE! I'll need lots of help - all contributions are appreciated, no matter how small :)

That's part one, here's part two:
I'm seeking nominations for extra-special deviants, especially those who are really involved in the community, who don't already have a premium membership. If you'd like to nominate someone (I will accept self-nominations, though I look extra-carefully at those), send me a note with the following information:
~The nominee's name
~Thumbs of three pieces from their gallery
~What kind of community events have they participated in?
~Links to any groups they admin/contests they've run/features they've posted. I know there are also a lot of people who are active through the forums, so let me know if they've been really active there, as well.
~If you think they do really excellent critiques, link me to a few!
~Why YOU THINK they should be given a premium membership.

Thanks so much, everyone! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE favorite this journal and help pass it on!


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Also note that the terribly sweet SayaStarshine took a look at my list and decided she wanted to do it, too! She is using the same topics as me, and you can find the link to her stuff here.

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