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Woman Stock Practice 6 - Mmm, Gunny


Boobies play their favourite game, as always NOT FITTING
oooh, they love it
OK, I'm tired of dat shit. I'm gonna practice boobies from that moment and till they find their right place on the body.
But this time - please, enjoy some dangerous ladies =)

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i'm starting now on drawing and don't know nothing, your sketches are helping me a lot, I want to start training XD Thanks!!

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I'm so glad you shared it! You are doing great actually, so just keep it up *__*

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I love the third one XD
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Omg, this is SUCH a cool study!
You keep impressing me!
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Yay ^____^ Thank you, Luna!
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They look really cool :D
One question would it be ok if would use one of these poses because they are perfect for a few pictures I would like to draw ^^
and I would defenetly mention you in the description of these picture(s)
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Yes, of course you can!
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Ah, I love these! They help me with making poses. *sighs* I struggle a lot
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It's just a matter of practice =)
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Good poses and sharp lines!
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Such cool poses!!!!
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Nice tutorial ; )
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Wow really good
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great job! they look super well structured. love the lower left one especially. :dance:
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Oh, I'm glad you like it ^^
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Noice! Dis will get totes helpful! ^-^
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