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Anatomy Challenge, Part 06 - All Together



I know this isn't much, but we've finished this challenge with only two complete bodies. Though I love them! And yeap, it's photo studies.

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Amazing Work!!!! And honestly thank you so much for letting us know you use photo reference. Thats the only resource some of us have, and its awesome motivation knowing you can achieve this under those circumstances. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you so much!
Though I highly recommend using live studies too (and especially in the beginning), because it will help you to avoid some traps I've fallen in! Because of them, I have to relearn some initial stuff, some basics, and it hurts when you have tons of the wrong drawing experience. 
OF COURSE not anyone has access to, ehm, drawing nude models :D I don't have it too! But there is a lot of stuff you can draw from life and progress. All these bottles and mugs I was advised to draw are sooooo boring. So I practice with my own hand! It has really interesting shapes, can do emotional gestures (almost poses :)), helps you to understand how volume, light and shadow work - AND - you learn to draw hands, it's useful in itself :D
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ah i see that is a really good point, i have also fallen into some of those traps haha. Thank you so much for the info! I used to do hand drawings when i was Uni but i got away from it, maybe i should go back to regular ol' still lifes for a bit. I imagine it wont hurt that much haha.
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I love the flow you have with the model/character.
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Шикарно вышло )
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this helped me with a drawing <3
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They are very beautiful. A wonderful tutorial. It will help a lot. Thank you so much! :heartjump: 
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Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you find it useful!
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you're welcome Cute Heart Emote 
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your so welcome keep it coming :w00t:
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The anatomy is gorgeous, great sketches!  
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful!!! <3<3<3
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