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We are coming to a head in regards to SOPA and PIPA. They're damaging. They're going to effect more than the U.S.

It will kill innovation of new businesses, new jobs, new ideas.

[link] Listen as a well known UK game critic, TotalBiscuit, speaks out on a set of bills that will damage not just the availability of one of the greatest resources the U.S. has, but will irreparably damage that resource for the world.

Congress has attempted to bait and switch the media by stating SOPA would be on hold until the 17th of January, 2012. However, Congress will be putting the bill to a final vote on December 21, 2011. Four days before a major holiday, when protestors and major corporate backers against the bill like Google, Ebay, Facebook, Wikipedia and Mozilla amidst others, will be away on holiday.

Protest before one of the worlds greatest resources is stripped, before your ability to speak freely is further removed, before the knowledge currently at your fingertips is stolen.

For if these bills pass and no protest made, notices like this will become all too real, all to quickly, with no due process or forewarning to remove supposed illicit content.

It's time to speak out.

AmericanCensorship: [link]
DemandProgress: [link]
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Love the back side of the us seal with the pyramid and eye and the NWO slogan.

Who could be behind this absurd legislation?
me "Who do you think?" *points to the seal on the right*
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Glad you like it and thanks for the fav! I only hope people pay more attention to the laws that threaten the rights of everyone.
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Actually when this came to attention, all the paranoiacs immediately started tying this to the illuminati, NWO, bilderberg, jews, CIA, NSA, FBI, and every other organization accused of conspiracies. Even Alex Jones got in on the action.
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Thx and also yes I remember when this used to be just government conspiracy talk. It seems the nutmegs on the internet had it right the whole time.
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Great image!

SOPA Shit Offered to Public in America (or what was once America)

Just my opinion/yt video
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A very interesting video, thank you for sharing! And thanks for the fav~
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I have a bit of good news for you. According to The Washington Post, the voting for the bill has been delayed for now.
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Thankfully. :) More time to protest the legislation.
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