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ZM0152 Aisha



ID: ZM0152
Name: Aisha
Breed: Pure Zlesdin
Age: 10
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.2 hh
Colour: Sooty Blood Bay
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nSty/Ff  
Registered: Yes
Import Page: Zlesdin Custom Import

Points: Aisha - Point Journal

Rider: Ignatius R Twyne
Discipline: Dressage
Rider: Ignatius R Twyne
Discipline: Dressage

Personality: Aisha is the pissiest mare you'll ever meet. She has a severe case of resting
bitch face, and is rarely seen with her ears forward. With her size and attitude, she's used
to getting her way with things. Coming from a home where she had been spoiled rotten,
Aisha feels she's entitled to just about anything she wants, be it an apple or a week off.
She's high energy, leading to some fun fireworks at times, but she has a tremendous
ability to put it to good use when she wants to. Perhaps the possibility of four strides
of throughness is what keeps Ignatius working with her.

- Cannot stand still for more than .2 seconds
- Refuses to wear boots or wraps. Will attempt to tear them off
- Likes to play 'catch me if you can' when it's time to come in
- Loves flying changes. She is a nightmare to counter canter

Conformation & Gaits: 
- Built fairly long but balanced
- Loooong neck
- Long catlike movement
- High set, tense neck
- Trot is flat but with good rhythm
- Canter is very balanced and uphill
- Likes to pull with her shoulders in the walk

Under Saddle:
- Tense back takes time to warm up
- Will duck behind the contact to avoid engagement
- Tends to rush in all gaits
- Takes great offence to correction, tact is required!
- Has an impressive rear which arises when she's thoroughly upset

Dressage: schooling the equivalent of 4th level
Jumping: solid at 110 cm, 130 cm maximum

Bloodline: Starter

Sire: Foundation
Dam: Foundation

Breeding: Bullet; Red Closed. Do not ask for slots.

Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red  
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red  
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red

Foals: N/A

Reference: Various 
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Such a pretty lady ; 3;