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Tangled Romance

I think Flynn & Rapunzel are starting to become one of my favorite Disney 'ships. They're so sweet together. I'm really eager to see this movie when it's out on the 24th. I think this whole lantern scene will be especially beautiful & romantic. (Until something happens to spoil the whole thing, no doubt.)

Anyway, my apologies that this stamp is so small that you can barely see what's happening, or who is where. It's an unfortunate drawback for being a DA stamp. However, I did slow down the scene where Flynn brushes his hand against Rapunzel's cheek. I'm such a hopeless romantic & a sucker for the love scenes OK. :|

Use & enjoy!

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This ship is so adorable
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Aww so cuuute! :heart: :3
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I hated the Stabbington brothers for ruining the moment. :stare:
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yeah thats right ive got a dream
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This scene is so cute! <3<3
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Something DID spoil it :(
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i love this moment!!
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Once again. Locce these twooo
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This scene is soooo romantic and sweet! ^^ I love Eugene! :heart:
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where did you get the video for this?
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:eager: I loved this part! omg omg omg omg :la: so so cute! thank you so much for making this. :tighthug: and all of the other Tangled stamps :heart:
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Awww my heart melted in this scene!!
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i saw it and loved it <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!
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I LOVED this part :heart:
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awwwww i cant wait to see this movie!!!! i want to cosplay her soooo bad!!!
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I saw the movie and almost cried from all the cute and cried at the end! Thank you for making this!!!!
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they are SO CUTE!!!:heart: :heart:
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I love those scenes! I agree; they're so sweet together, and of course something is gonna happen to ruin that perfect part. x(

But I can't wait to see the movie! <3
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