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Sleepy Kittens

"Wow, this is GARBAGE. You actually like this?"

I actually have this book. Although it's not as adorable as it is in the movie. I wish it were exactly like how it was in the movie, though...

Use & enjoy, nonetheless!

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That book in the movie was so adorable, as is this stamp! Really lovely. :)
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i always laugh at this moment x"D
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What movie is this from?
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"This is literature?" :D
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they acually made a book based on the book from te movie. it even had the finger puppets
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I love this movie! :)
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these kittens must be starving they keep drinking the milk
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I LOVE THAT MOVIE! the book was too cute :3
that line was hilarious :rofl:
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hahaha sleeping kittens!
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I want those puppets >:0 >grabby hands<
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There is a real Sleepy Kittens book available, actually, with puppets included. I have the book but it's not as awesome as the book/puppets in the movie.
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I know i've seen it, Perhaps I will craft my own sleepy kittens >:0
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I LOVE that line. :rofl: Gru is cool...
Nice 1
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This is literature?
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Your stamp has been featured [here] :heart:
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never ending loop ;u;
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AGNES: Now make them drink their milk...
One of the best parts in the movie! :D *Click*
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