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Made Of Minion Muscles

This stamp has MOAR muscle than all other stamps COMBINED.


Use & enjoy!

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The Minion are so cutie.
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Blaze: Am I a joke to you?

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure GIF - Blaze
Vaahtonalle's avatar
aww cute I will use this :D
azianwolfdoll's avatar
That's the cutest emote EVER. :iconlaplz: :iconlaplz: :iconlaplz:
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REMMI-CHAN's avatar
augh! how cute!
jujubee603's avatar
amazing i love it sooo much! i wish i had a minion i could cuddle with. this is great keep up the good work!
MugoUrth's avatar
Before I saw Despicable Me, I was like "Those guys aren't that cute." But after I saw Despicable Me, I was like "Those guys are just the most darling little things, aren't they?"
azianwolfdoll's avatar
For me, I think I went to watch the movie because of the Minions, honestly. ;P They are my absolute favorite characters among my big list of ultimate favorite characters! :love: They're a big part of the movie/story--Not just humorous sidekicks, & they are heroes just as much as Gru is, too! I WISH I HAD MY OWN MINION ARMY.
MugoUrth's avatar
It was a good movie, though. The three kids remind me of some kids I know in real life owned by a friend of my sister's. Well, the older two definitely reminded me of the older two real life kids, but the young one didn't match the young one in real life.
RabidLeroy's avatar
Of course, the others are wayyy more jealous of him. But I wonder if he could prove his musclyness by trying to lift a photocopier... X3
firewalker71's avatar
Kevin is awesome. lol.
azianwolfdoll's avatar
Oh, yes! I :love: Kevin!.........& the other 1,000+ Minions! :love:
firewalker71's avatar
Hey now you know if we can recognize Kevin, then Gru. . .being the genius could recognize the other 999. lol.
azianwolfdoll's avatar
I think Kevin is mistaken for 2-eyed Dave a lot of times. Either that or there's a 1-eyed Dave in the lot, too.
firewalker71's avatar
On the Biggest Loser, video. Kevin is called Dave by mistake. So alot of people assume Dave has one eye. But that was actually Kevin. ;)
azianwolfdoll's avatar
I :heart: :heart: :heart: that clip!!!

:la: :la: :la:

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