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How Cookies Are Made

By azfar-90
UPDATE: I was told that this had been featured on 9GAG, even its Facebook page had shared it..Well, that's alright I guess..

"Okay, class.. Today we gonna learn how cookies are made.. You see, cookies are simply delicious, especially when yo..
Ooops! Sorry, class.. I need to go back home to click..I mean, to bake some cookies! See you next week..!"
- Unknown Lecturer

This art is related/dedicated to this popular clicky-clickity game; Cookie Clicker

Well, the first time I knew about C.C was on Facepunch forum about a month ago, but at that time I haven't check it out very much..I only knew that it was about clicking the cookie and trying to make a lot of them, so you can purchase upgrades and make more cookies...The more you made, the more things you can unlock..It kinda reminds me of Android game; Cookie Dozer but with different way to play..

It just only a few weeks ago, I started to try it out.. I didn't do much clicking; I always idling.. Sometimes, I accidentally closed the tab and forgot about it, so I didn't get really much cookies..
Only if I get bored a bit, I will start clicking the cookie..Well, it is fun, if you don't have nothing to do but to spend some free times clicking for cookies..

TIL cookies can be made by a single mouse click..Well, one click is not enough..
Keep clicking that cookie until the entire universe filled with...grandmas..?

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