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FEH: Severa Christmas Alt
Soo I know I'm a little too late, because I'm super slow at colouring (and I still have to get used to photoshop RIP me), but maybe still have my daughter???

Inigo and Owain both got their Awakening Alts, it's Severa's turn, ok? qwq (Also I need more Awakening Children)

Background and Infobox Template taken here:…
Severa belongs to Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
Fire Emblem Oc Leanne
Hey there!
I'm still trying to find a good style for me, so I'm practicing a lot of cellshading and Proportions at the moment. I really enjoy Echo's Artstyle, but I failed to imitate it. Well... more practice in the future! :'D

This is Leanne, a young girl from a small village, who has been working for a doctor before. Therefore she knows a lot about healing herbs and other methods to help the injured. Though, deep down, she longs to be a singer. Although she dances quite well, her vocal sound isn't that well, but she is okay. It's just a little dream she likes to chase. 
I'd like her to be a sword-weilding sage, but I didn't like the trickster class for her, becuase it just doesn't suit her character, haha. I'm still not sure yet, maybe I'll decide later on... 

I hope you like her design though. :)

~Full Character Bio~

~Basic Info~
Name: Leanne 
Age: 24
Birthday: 03. August 
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6'' / 1.68m
Weight: 157 lbs / 71.3kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Birthplace: A small Village in Rosanne, Valm
Current residence: Still the same


Leanne is a rather shy and quiet young woman, who tends to merge with the crowd. Neither does she stand out by her looks nor does she act in any way to change that. Therefore, she gets overlooked quite a lot. Because of her polite and distant nature and her pale skin, rumors say, that she is nothing more than a mere puppet, saying only the things her father has taught her to say. Her voice seems distant and although her face constantly smiles, her mind seems to be absent most of the time - travelling to faraway places and living adventures she could only dream of. In fact, Leanne wishes to break free of her cotton-filled prison and shatter the porcelaine skin she was taught not to damage in the slightest. Deep in her heart she is a warrior, longing for freedom and adventure. 
After getting through to her, people might start to notice that Leanne, once allowed to talk, can barely stop to do so. She loves to tell the stories of people she has always listened to in her lifetime. Being the daughter of her village's doctor, she was able to meet different kinds of people and learn about their tale. But the mysterious ones amaze her the most. She loves unsolved mysteries, riddles or ancient myths waiting to be explored. Given the opportunity, she will face danger head on and throw herself into adventure. Her father constantly scolds her for leaving the safe path when collecting herbs, but although she always listens to what he has to say, she never stays on the safe road. Gathering herbs is her favorite activity, because nobody is watching her. She can do whatever she wants to do and go where she wants to - as long as she is home with the herbs at a specific time. 
Nevertheless, she is a kind soul that cares deeply for the people visiting her father, hoping to be healed. She does especially well with children and older people, but as long as someone truly wants to listen to her, she opens up to them rather fast. (She might seem a bit arrogant before that, although she is just really shy and insecure.) 

Likes: Music, tea, watching the sunset, horses, flowers and herbs, mysteries, folklore and fairytales, sweets, cheese, the colour green
Dislikes: Insects, rain, cold weather, veggies in cooked food (she prefers them raw), being too clean, great heights
Fears: Fire, Heights, being forgotten, being ridiculed (she'd rather say nothing at all, if she fears that others might not like what she says)
Hobbies: Gathering herbs for her father, singing, dancing, sewing, drawing (although she is far from good), listening to other people's stories
Goals/Wishes: To leave the village and get to know the world, overcome her fear of heights and ride a pegasus or a wyvern at least once, marry someone she loves and not someone her father chose, open up a teashop

- She tends to dance around a little when she does daily tasks like doing the laundry or cooking dinner
- Although she loves to sing, she never does it around people. She loves to listen to others though (especially if they are playing the violin)
- Since she doesn't want to be rude or inpolite, she does eat cooked veggies. But she cuts them in tiny pieces and swallows them without chewing, hoping to not taste them.
- She eats a lot when sad
- Before she opens up to people, her voice is very quiet and difficult to hear. Once actually angry she can scream quite loud though (but she always regrets it afterwards)
- Because of her fathers upbringing, she tries her best to sound noble and "like a lady". This is also the reason why she is afraid to laugh around strangers, because she tends to grunt a little
- She is taught not to engage in physical contact easily, therefore she does not attempt to touch someone first. But she actually really ejoys hugs and is a very touchy-feely person.
- She loves to brush animals - especially her father's horse (a white mare called Mirelle)

Father: Kylion. The village's only doctor and a very strict and formal man. He was once a noble that served under Virion, but left his post after his wife died. Since Leanne was about two years old, she does not remember any of this and her father certainly doesn't plan to tell her. He just wants to forget.
Mother: Verona. (Deceased)

I'm not sure about that yet. Some sort of sword-wielding healer, but the trickster class doesn't seem fitting for her, so... yeah.
Right now, she is just a villager without a certain class, haha. 
I'll probably redesign her dress later to fit with the awakening class armory. 
Fakemon: Wolpernmon
Hello everyone~
This is my first upload to deviantart and although the Digimon Fandom seems to have died out a little bit, I hope someone might be interested in my little Fakemon-Designs. ^^' This is Wolpernmon, a Wolpertinger Digimon, and one of the protagonists of a going-to-be Digimon Story. I still have to design its evolutions, but first, I want to design the other Rookies of the team. 
I have listed a little information about the three starting stages below, but sadly, my english isn't too well, so please excuse any grammatical errors. You can tell me, though, if you spot some mistakes. I'll try my best to become better. ^^

~*~ Information ~*~

Nemurumon ("Nemuru" = "to sleep")
Level: Fresh
Type: Slime
Attribute: None

A small Digimon with a red emerald growing on top of its head. Either the heavy stone doesn't bother it or the Digimon is simply too sleepy to notice.

Borumon ("Boru" = "Ball/Globe")
Level: In-Training
Type: Lesser
Attribute: None

A Digimon that loves to bounce around and play with the red emerald that has been its companion its whole life. The small horns on top of its head are dull and no good for attacking anything. Instead, it spits acid bubbles to defend itself.

Wolpernmon (From "Wolpertinger", a mythical creature)
Level: Rookie
Type: Animal
Attribute: Vaccine

A mythical Digimon with small horns and wings too short to fly. Although it is very weak physically, it is a fast runner and can jump quite high for its small figure. The red emeralds floating around its neck are said to contain a great power, but Wolpernmon doesn't seem to be able to make use of it.


No journal entries yet.


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