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Sup homes. :)

Soooo... I haven't really worked on my POD entry at all since my last update...

I got a laptop this weekend and spent the past two days trying to work with it until I finally gave up. The problem was that, despite me loving the model and almost everything working fantastic, I could not get the disk drive to work long enough for me to backup the system. It would burn two DVDs fine, but always on the third it would die or encounter countless errors... For all you who know anything about computers, you know that it is VITAL to have a backup disk for your system. That way if your computer completely messes up or dies you can reload the system (in this case Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit) and the original programs. I honestly wouldn't have cared if I could only burn 2 disks per day (since I pretty much NEVER burn things), but when Toshiba/Microsoft is too cheap to include backup disks with the laptop you HAVE to make them yourself. Since my backup needed to use 3 NOT 2 disks to backup, you can see where the problem lies. I called Toshiba support and they told me to take it back to Best Buy. The sales reps there looked at it and said the drivers seemed to be working properly (no crap, even I checked myself and figured out that much). They tried putting Shilo (what I name the computer) to sleep and then the disk was working. So I took it home and I tried the backup ALL OVER AGAIN (the disks take like 2-3 hours each!) and the same problem on the third disk happened again. I tried sleeping the computer and it registered that the disk was there, but no matter what I did, it just would not burn it! It kept throwing up error after error...

So I took it back AGAIN. I thought about getting a different computer but nothing really compared for the price, so when they offered a replacement, I took it. So far, thank God, Fritz is working like a dream. I made a backup with no hassel at all this time around! I must mention that the disk drive is quite a bit louder than the last (not loud enough to be annoying, though) so I think that the other disk drawer must have been defective. The only very minor complaints I could have with my Toshiba A505-S6005 is that the built-in video camera is just "meh" quality, the internal microphone is pretty shotty (but there is a designated output for an external mic on the left side, so that pretty much fixes that problem), some DVDs make a horrible sound when you try to play them, and the glossy exterior collects fingerprints like no tomorrow. Honestly, though, if I really was the type of person to care so much about fingerprints of all things, I probably wouldn't be writing up this critical analysis/rant right now. Oh, and for those of you wondering about the whole DVD noise, I tried 7 disks and 2 make a sound like poor Fritz was either trying to eat them or was trying to give birth... It was mightily frightening, let me tell you. I've tried to discern what the differences between the DVDs that worked and the other ones were, but the only difference I saw was the two rejectees didn't seem to have as many certification logos on the back... Maybe Fritz doesn't like cheap quality DVDs? I don't know.

I feel like after I've bashed Fritz I should talk about all the things I love about him (yes, I name my computers and they have genders). The speakers and amazing! They are probably the best I've ever heard on any laptop. It also has been working faster and more quietly than any other laptop I've tried, besides those confounded expensive Macs (I was seriously considering getting one if the price wasn't so hefty). Of course when you put a DVD/CD in a fan sound kicks on, but it's not bad. Windows 7 is like a brazillion times better than Windows Vista. I especially like the new toolbar setup. I also like how when you are working with a tablet, they have this new program where it can recognize math equations and convert them into typed text for you!!! How awesome is that?!?! Besides that, I love my Toshiba's key pad (most laptops don't come with them) and lighted media keys at the top. The mousepad and buttons are placed perfectly for me and if you run your finger along the edges it will automatically scroll the page for you, without actually dragging your mouse over to the web's scroll bar and messing with that nonsense! I think that is a pretty neat feature, but if you don't like it you can still scroll the "labor intensive" way or use the up, down keys. Finally, I like how the 12 li-ion battery sticks out of the back a little. It props up the keyboard to a very nice angle for typing.

Hmmm... I think that's pretty much it. Before investing in this Toshiba I did EXTENSIVE research and read a weeks-worth of reviews. Some people complained about loud keys, but mine are just fine. Some other people complained about the speakers not being load enough, but with the disk drive fan sound on (ie: when I'm playing a DVD) and the speakers turned up all the way up, I can still hear the movie just fine sitting about 3 to 4 yards away! People have also complained about video not streaming/buffering correctly, but Mr. Fritz works just fine under my internet's capabilities.

So all I have left to check before I fully commit to Fritz is the battery life.

Anyways, that's my excuse for not getting my POD entry done yet. I will be working my toosh off tonight and tomorrow. :)

P.S.: For those of you currently looking for a laptop and are considering buying from Best Buy, make SURE to check every possible gadget/function on your computer within their 14-day return policy! Seriously, the more quickly you discover issues and return the product, the more likely they are to see you are not going to accept "No" for an answer and they'll be more willing to set you up with something that will actually work, fee of charge (ie: they're hopefully not going to make you pay the BS 15% restocking fee. I didn't. :) ).

In other news, this is has been my longest journal entry so far, the USA just barely hung on to tie the UK 1 to 1 in their first World Cup match, and the next day the Germans made soccer look like the beautiful sport that it is while creaming Austrailia 4 to nil. Finally, our US announcers on ABC pretty much suck (except at the Half-Time Report), so I would suggest turning off the TV sound and flipping a radio to 1260 AM. The annoucers are SO much better and exciting! Even if you don't understand Spanish, its much better than listening to those dreary English-speaking fools talk about the coaches' saleries and their respective night-lives... What dribble! Report the game, not the crap we don't care about!!!

Welp, I'm pretty sure that covers just about everything. I'm off to watch How to Train Your Dragon with some friends! :)
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