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The Love of Eclincia
By Jhale Morneo
The sword of Eclincia was a fearsome blade capable of warding off any kingdom's armies with a single man. An adventurer named Stacy Symbol arrived at the Tower of Eclincia, prepared to fight her way to the top. With her tamed animals, tricky water magic and freezing axe, she took down one challenging monster after another. But at the top of the tower would be the ultimate test.
There found a short fat, human like being levitating beside a throne with a case at its base. The large case must have been the sword, but before her eyes could focus on it, Stacy Symbol was embraced by the fatty. Suddenly she felt a surge of passion. The being disappeared suddenly and she wished to seek it out again... But Stacy kept her mind on the task enough to continue approaching the case by the throne.
"In need of a little company?" said the striking voice.  "I will be yours as long as you are here in the top of this tower. I will provide everything to you. There will be no need for s
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Mature content
Life in the Timeless Society :iconazel4:Azel4 3 0
HANABASHI by Azel4 HANABASHI :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0
The Island of Plenty
There once was an island filled with girls where they ate like queens everyday. This island of plenty was a strange place. It was an artificial island, yet luscious with foliage. It was an island of great height that could never be encountered without permission. The true queen of the place was someone who had amassed many riches, generating a food supply chain like a Walmart every other day. The population was about 500 people and just videos of the paradise-like island were able to generate large amounts of money. On occasion, males could pay loads of money to live in that paradise for a day. Perhaps surprisingly, there were only a few who willingly entertained the men and they made it their jobs to use chub to pleasure them.
But today's story was not about a "lucky" male. This story was about a short girl and her friend. The short girl's name is Selene. She had a very thoroughly well developed, fat body and was about 4'8" at 310lbs. Her friend Lari was about 5'6", more bottom heavy
:iconazel4:Azel4 5 0
The Great Goddess and Her Icons by Azel4 The Great Goddess and Her Icons :iconazel4:Azel4 0 0 Toadstool End by Azel4 Toadstool End :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0 Missing Heaven by Azel4 Missing Heaven :iconazel4:Azel4 2 0 Kodomo by Azel4 Kodomo :iconazel4:Azel4 2 0 Background 1 by Azel4 Background 1 :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0 Black Angel by Azel4 Black Angel :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0 Blue Angel by Azel4 Blue Angel :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0 Green Angel by Azel4 Green Angel :iconazel4:Azel4 0 0
La barriga fruta
The year is 2090. A few major fruits have gone extinct to highly advanced diseases - namely the banana and the apple. Botanists, food geneticists and farmers worked tirelessly to restore the lost fruits again with genetics and growing techniques. But one person among them all went on a search. Although the world's environment had been becoming more toxic, they believed that evolution should have taken its course in some way and a new fruit should have been born. Perhaps there was a fruit that could surpass expectations and become a staple in the diets of many.
And out of all places to search, they decided to comb the rainforests. They started in South America, where the Amazon Rainforest was thankfully restored over the years. The diversity of life in a rainforest was nearly unimaginable. However, finding a plant that would survive a variety of climates wide enough to be marketable seemed entirely unreasonable. But the explorer searched endlessly. And after a year of exploring and atta
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Fat Angel Sumo by Azel4 Fat Angel Sumo :iconazel4:Azel4 4 4
The Anguish of Male
A man named Brandon had traveled to a far school for a high price, hoping to find a different social dynamic... But the sacrifice had been in vain. This first semester of college had not differed in any significant way from life in high school. Brandon was still picked out of any crowd...
In high school, people had been disgusted by his appearance and in college he finds that people are charmed by him... Before they would not stop bullying him, but now they don't stop playing with his breasts or touching his soft skin... That's right, Brandon was born with Androgen Insensitivity in his genes and he had very female traits. Growing a beard was the best he could do to assert that he was born a male.
But in college.... Brandon was so loved that he had faced his first sexual encounter in a far from desirable scenario.... In fact, there was more than one man who had sex with him that night.
Oh, sorry if that was too much to recall, Brandon...
Anyway, it was on that fateful morning after that
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Alien Monument? by Azel4 Alien Monument? :iconazel4:Azel4 1 0

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Purification by BanyeX
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Journal History

I like to make commissions cheap., but I have a few rules on how I manage costs and what I won't do.

ALL PAYMENTS DONE UP FRONT. Give at least 50% of the payment or commission won't be started.

I won't show you the finished product unless you pay 100%, but I will make sure you know what shape the art is starting to take and I can show you the full form before coloring so there should be no surprises. If you ask me to do major adjustments on near-finished art, you will have to pay 50% more.

The less information you give me, the lower your chances of being satisfied on something specific.

Writing: $5 for short, short stories. (Most of my current stories I would consider to be "short, short".) $10 for short, short stories that require a lot of care or unfamiliar themes. $20 for a moderate length short story. $30 for a more challenging one. $40 for a really big story. Complexity doesn't matter at that point.
If you for some reason want me to make you a long chapter based story (probably a novel) a price will be offered per chapter based on what you expect.

Art: I currently only do pixel art. The amount of pixels determines the level of detail since I can just scale up the picture through zoom rather than changing the size. As a general idea, for $5, 64x64 (around 4,000) pixels. For $10 96x96 (around 9,200) pixels. For $15 128x128 (around 16,000) pixels. For $20 150x150 (around 22,500). Ask about higher sizes. Depending on the amount of canvas with detail, I can give a lower or higher price than listed here.

Animations: If you need a pixel-based animation, I can't give a general idea of the price so send me a direct message.

Will do: Just ask and I probably will do it. If the art is too risque, I may not publicly take credit for it or may not allow you to post it on Deviantart.

Won't do: Fan Art, Fan Fiction, PARASITES, Weight Loss, Glitter and Makeup, Lactation, Inflation, Expansion, Blueberry and other food based people like Chocolate, Food Messes/Crumbs, Anthromorphized Objects, Fungi People, Slime People, Oversized Body Parts (mostly breasts, butts and genitals, deformed characters would be okay), most Non-human Specific Reproductive Organs.

These guidelines are not final. I haven't done any commissions yet so there may be major adjustments to prices and other things.
  • Listening to: Deltarune
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Hell Girl
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Medicinal formulations
  • Drinking: Water
I decided to reduce my work on trying to design games and instead focus on writing stories and making art with full focus. I may only work on interactive fiction/visual novels instead of games like I planned before, or I might return to game development in the future.
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Hell Girl
  • Playing: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 Plus
  • Eating: Somewhat good foods
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am making an LGBTQIA-friendly, fat art and roleplay community on Discord! (Also designed for regular socializing.) As for my art page here, I do not do fan-art or fan-fiction. The image above is a simplistic pixel art. The meaning is that we grow even in hopelessness.

I also have a Patreon being made now.



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