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Janus Dough
Janus Dough
In a world where the sassafras could be smelled on every street and the vanilla lilies could
also be smelled from every ditch and backwards piece of woods. In that kind of world,
it was still soooooo hard to find a Guardian Force. Everyone my age was dating their
Guardian Forces junctioned to them while I was sediment at the bottom of the river.
The only person who was undated like me was Jane Dough, who hated my guts. No
matter what I tried, she would not "partner" with me.
Then one day, when the ducks were aligned, marching in crosses down the roads,
there was an epitome to me. I began to stop every car that drove by my town, hoping
to get a date out of one of them. Many times I was nearly ran over. A few times I got a
ride with some strangers who let me close for a while, but ultimately discarded me, leaving
me to be picked up by the police. But least of all did I expect!!!!!!!!!! Jane Dough, riding in
her Wagon Caravan, came to me. She seemed quite so very eager to brin
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Fatter Practice :iconazel4:Azel4 3 0
A World of Christmas Never Seen Before Part 1
December 19th, 2018 - In class today, Pamela, yes, that big fat girl, came up to me and asked me if I knew one neat trick. As typical for her, it was a question to trick me into a conversation with her. After telling her that I did not know what trick she was talking about or what its use could be, she told me what was on her mind in a rambling way. It started with, "Well, one REALLY neat trick you can do, if you want to get your grades up, which seems to be the ONLY thing you care about doing." And yet the trick was never explained. Pamela kept going into statements emphatically pointing out things that she thought I did too much or too little.
Eventually, I tried to walk away from it all, but as soon as I did, she brushed up against me and pushed me into the lockers. Her soft padded body squishing into me and her fetid breath, my senses were overwhelmed as she stole a kiss from me. And then she kissed more and more and rubbed herself on me. Feeling her arousal, I was getting more and
:iconazel4:Azel4 0 0
The Love of Eclincia
By Jhale Morneo
The sword of Eclincia was a fearsome blade capable of warding off any kingdom's armies with a single man. An adventurer named Stacy Symbol arrived at the Tower of Eclincia, prepared to fight her way to the top. With her tamed animals, tricky water magic and freezing axe, she took down one challenging monster after another. But at the top of the tower would be the ultimate test.
There found a short fat, human like being levitating beside a throne with a case at its base. The large case must have been the sword, but before her eyes could focus on it, Stacy Symbol was embraced by the fatty. Suddenly she felt a surge of passion. The being disappeared suddenly and she wished to seek it out again... But Stacy kept her mind on the task enough to continue approaching the case by the throne.
"In need of a little company?" said the striking voice.  "I will be yours as long as you are here in the top of this tower. I will provide everything to you. There will be no need for s
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I am in a bad situation perhaps, but I am feeling more stable. Even after feeling an intense period of trauma, I am able to come back. Also, I am going to finally have the game console I wanted soon so that is a source of hope for me (because of competitive gaming). Also,  I guess I am starting to see that even though my DeviantArt has almost no following, better artists than me can end up with no following at all. My page views are pretty high and I've got a lot llamas so maybe I am doing okay. Plus, I have a game project so I don't need to worry too much about popularity until that's out.
  • Listening to: Minori Arcana Heart theme finally on YouTube!
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Touhou 12.3
  • Playing: Labyronia Elements
  • Eating: Pasta cooked in the oven and dandelion roots
  • Drinking: Water
I am so upset with those people. Somehow it turned into sadness instead. I feel a lot less functional now. There is never stability in my life I guess. I can't believe the horrible things they do. Those devils don't belong around me. 
And even worse, I was growing close to someone over the past few weeks, but then about 9 days ago, that person disappeared. I have never had someone simply go offline like that so unexpectedly. And I only know the account I met them on. I tried finding new people  to be friends with, but my heart can't handle much at this point.
 This unstable anger turned into stable sadness and the uncertainty that never leaves here... I can't reallly sleep at the moment. I am afraid of what could happen next even though I really do need rest I'm just restless now. Restless but physically I feel less active, occasionally just stopping and spacing out. I don't like them. But there is nothing I can do. Why do you only exist to torture and trick? I can't do anything about it. And my friend is missing. How did they disappear. Why do I always have to be stuck by no fault of my own? I hate tha no one wants to help or they are too far to help.  I hate that no one is ever by my side. I should never be experiencing this strange sadness. I am doing everything right. Why should a person who only does right have to be surrounded by devils who negate their good? I'm stronger than them, but they still shape the battlefield and place illusions over it. I don't tolerate demons and devils anymore, but the worst part is how the law encourages them to do the worst torture imaginable. The chaos they subject me to is the purest form of torture. They pretend to show good only to snatch it away or put on a show for those who won't help anyways. I'm always trapped. I'm in a princess's isolation without any hope of destiny and guarantees coming my way. And the outdoors feel like a big field with an electric fence  with no gate to it.
Why does everyone seem to be so driven to darkness that ttehy fight me trying to provide light?It feels like everyone who comes into my life is trying to punish people using the forces of darkness.
  • Listening to: Yu-gi-oh video game music
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Marvel vs Capcom INFINITE
  • Playing: Labyronia Elements
  • Eating: Slow Cooked Oven Meals
  • Drinking: Oat milk, water, tea.


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I am making an LGBTQIA-friendly, fat art and roleplay community on Discord! (Also designed for regular socializing.) As for my art page here, I do not do fan-art or fan-fiction. The image above is a simplistic pixel art. The meaning is that we grow even in hopelessness.




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