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Spring 2015: Film Festival Poster

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For a project in my Digital Imaging class we had to make a film festival poster.

We could pick a real or fictional film festival, and I chose the Silk Screen Film Festival that I found online. It's about educating more on Asian-American culture and so forth that's based at a university, and as a Filipino I thought it'd be cool to design for it. This isn't official or anything it was just for a class.

I'll be posting more of my graphic design class stuff!

:heart: Allyson

(note: there's a weird border because I screenshotted it from Preview and cropped it down because I only had the ai file and not the typeface so yeah...)
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two things:

i love this bc it's v elegant and beautiful and i don't really know what else to say except that i agree that i like the mashup of the oldfashioned and new things so basically great work c:

what do u mean u only had the ai file and not the typeface
also why did u have to screenshot it if u had the ai file
sorry if these questions r rude but i'm just trying to understand and also mayb help out
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Thanks! I'm glad the mash-up worked! :)

So at my school on their computers they have a lot of typefaces and typekit. I made this on their computers before I got my laptop that doesn't have the typeface I needed. Also back then I didn't know how to package the type into the file... So when I loaded this up on my laptop the words were in a red box and in myriad pro instead of what I used. I hope that made sense? Haha no worries it didn't sound rude! It's a good legit question!
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oh ok that does make sense c: 
idk if this helps bc they don't have all of the typekit fonts but is p good (they have a /lot/ of fonts) and they're all free so maybe in the future u could at least find something similar
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Okay cool! Glad it does lol

Well, a lot of those free fonts you have to be careful with because they usually don't work very well or aren't very versatile. And if it's in typekit I kind of doubt there's a free version somewhere... but I get what you mean. I'll take a look some time!
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oh i know u won't b able to find the exact one but i've found quite a few that i like a lot
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Oh yeah there's a lot of decorative typefaces on these free font sites, but when it comes to a basic serif or something then it's probably better to just go with typekit lol.
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I love this actually- I could easily imagine it up among a bunch of other flyers advertising upcoming events! It's a really cool mashup of an oldfashioned Geisha mixed with the 3D glasses :'D
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Ahh thank you! I'm glad you saw it that way, that makes me really happy! :blush:
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