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Rainbow Doodle 3-12-11

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Well, this is the first thing I've ever drawn with markers, and honestly I don't like how it came out :|

Actually, I had to crop it a little bit because my scanner was being mean to my sketch book and I got the whole rainbow thing from a friend of mine and the bomb was just kinda.... random....
And I had this idea going about how under the rainbow its not so great because you need rain for a rainbow so under the rainbows its black and white or the destruction thing you see there, but now it just doesn't make sense and now its just gonna be a random doodle XD

So yeah, markers were fun, probably not going to use them for a while, maybe I will, just depends.
Hope ya like and have a great day ^^
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...Wow! Colour explosion, I feel like I'm tripping...
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Haha, thanks? I'm taking this as a compliment XD

And I haven't heard from you in a while! How've you been? =)
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You should :)

I've been in a bit of a dark place, so I kind of went in to myself for awhile. But the full force that is Ronnie is back and here to stay!! x
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Yay~! :dummy:

Ahh, okay, well then I'm glad you're back!!! :D