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PokeFavemon: Murkrow

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So, I mentioned this project in my most recent journal I think and I've decided to title the project "PokeFavemon".

Basically in project PokeFavemon I'm drawing myself in clothes inspired by the pokemon I'm playing with. Also, as the title suggests, I'm only picking my favorite pokemon (I would never do all 600+ because... well no).

I'm starting off the project with one of my all-time favorite pokemon which is Murkrow!

:bulletpurple: Dark/Flying
:bulletpurple: Height: 1'08" (0.5m)
:bulletpurple: Weight: 4.6 lbs. (2.1 kg)

Murkrow has a fondness for anything sparkly, and it will steal things such as jewelry to bring it back to its nest. Its fondness for shiny objects go as far as fighting with other Pokemon that enjoy shiny objects, such as Meowth and Persian, to gain their stashes. Whenever it is chased, it loses the attacker by leading it down dark mountain trails, and sometimes it does this to travelers as a mean spirited prank.

Superstition regards Murkrow as Pokémon of ominous things to come, and of great misfortune if one is seen at night. It is possible to train a Murkrow to repeat words, 
as seen under Team Rocket's ownership. Murkrow usually lives in forests or swamps. Murkrow and its evolution are the only Pokémon that learn Quash by leveling up.

Favorite/Closest Pokedex Entry
Murkrow, the Darkness Pokemon. Murkrow confuse would-be attackers by luring them into dark mountain trails, where they are sure to get lost.

I already have Minun, Pichu, and Luxray's sketched out so now I just gotta get on my tablet and draw it out. :)

Hope you guys like it!
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Aww thanks! :blush:

I'm glad you think so! I'm starting the next one already 'cause I really liked how this one came out... XD
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You're welcome!<3

I do think so! Oh, oh, awesome! :eager: I think this one came out fabulously.