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Mizuumi-Con Merchandise

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So it's been a while since I've posted... anything... ^^;

Anyway, I'm selling at a small convention called Mizuumi-Con and I'll be selling these things for a $1 each!
If anyone's going to be in San Antonio, Texas and wants to visit, I'll be there! :wave:

If there's leftovers from the convention, I'll be selling them... somewhere online I suppose?
I guess we'll see! And if there's enough love for them, I'll see if I can sell them as prints on here as well.

Let me know your favorites? :)

I hope you all are doing well!

:heart: Allyson
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If you have a spare Link pin, I'm down to buy!
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I think Etsy does a monthly fee or something, so I'm thinking not that but maybe through my own website. We'll see, I'm currently trying to plan it through...

I'm actually out, but for the next convention we are printing more and I could send one? That'll be a little while though, so sorry about that. ^^;
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this was uploaded a while ago, but I'd just like to say these are extremely impressive designs! (the buttons are positively charming) you've done both games justice with these styles and I hope they sold well <3
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Aww, thank you! :blush::heart:

They actually did! All I had left was 5 Makars, some Cyrus ones, and I think a single Isabelle one for the buttons.

As for the bookmarks, they sold well, but we had a lot extra because we had gotten a lot initially, so yeah. :meow: