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All of this is Rough Draft form of a character I wanted to make for #TheClockworkCities~

Her name is Klarisse, part ogre and master engineer of clockwork cities. I know there's this thing I have to fill out for introducing a new character for the clockwork cities but since she's still in the making i'll make some finishing touches and a REAL drawing of her, then in that deviation i'll put the real deal and such ^^

So just in case you can't read what's on the left:

Colors: Brown and Green

Important Notes:

-Blind Right Eye
-Left arm Ogre
-Left handed
-Immune to Fire (part of ogre awesomeness)
-Engineer/forges weapons
-Fav music: Hip hop and Alternative Rap
-Street Walker

And this is some stuff I just wanted to add last minute

-has a workshop
-Bit barbaric if she wants to be, but can also be smart
-fast to irritation but not anger
-Dude-ish but has some feminine quirks
-Low self esteem but usually seems couragous
-Indeed, she has a hearty laugh XD (and a small giggle when she tries to hold it in and starts squeaking XD )

And that's it for now, hope you like, and don't steal her please~

And yes the scanner got it weird so I had to raise contrast and lower brightness and junk so sorry about that <<"
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Eyecolour and haircolour? Skincolour? Tell meeee!
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Haha, I should probably add that in there XD

Anyway, I'll tell you it here and then put it in the description for future reference :)

Hair Color: A copper-ish brown, kind of like a steampunk brown if you get what I mean.

Eye color: Really light yellow-brown or green (not decided yet because I'm horrible <<""" )

Skin Color: Tan, kind of like a light mexican color XD

Hope that helps! :)
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Yesss! *goes back to colouring*
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Really?? Yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! :la::heart:
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:giggle: But I won't upload it until later~
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That's......... so cruel......... :ohnoes:

How do you expect me to live like this???? :nuu:

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