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First of all, sorry for the bad quality of my scanner and art skills, and also sorry that you can see the pencil, but its not done yet so I didn't bother erasing the pencil lines <<"

Alrighty! So I had this idea for my OC's that I just made that basically I draw them in a formal sort of thing-ish and then I draw a nice design around them and such. And I want to refrain from it being a whole page thing, kind of like this!

Also, I want to color it, but I'm afraid I might mess it up... so here's the black and white version before I do ^^;

Azeera (c) ME~!
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That's just plain amazing.
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Woah, let's not get too excited here, it's just okay XD

But thanks anyway ^^ (and also for the favs ^^ )