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Fall 2015: Book Type: The Illustrated Man

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Project Brief:
n this project, we were assigned to create a book cover for a piece of literature. The book cover should contain the exploration of letterforms and also help convey the themes of the book. An illustrative advertisement to help convince those to read the book, while also being designed well to fit the theme of the story. The book cover should be mostly focused on the typography than on the image, and the type and image should be integrated well. The book cover should also be expressive through its typography and be explored through hand-lettered type. 

Concept Brief:
The book I wanted to create a cover for was "The Illustrated Man". The Illustrated Man is a book about a “circus freak” that has magical tattoos all about his body. These tattoos are magical in the sense that they tell stories of the past, present, and future of different people, and whatever it shows is the truth. With this concept I wanted to capture the tattoo aesthetic by hand drawing different symbols of the different stories throughout the book. Since tattoos are usually symbolic of important things to people, I decided to use these tattoos as important symbols of the book. For example, the floating astronaut away from the rocket reperesents the story where a team of astronauts get hit and are left stranded in space, floating away from each other and soon to lose communication to each other as their signal gets lost. The lion, the rocket, and the runaway clock also are the main themes of different stories in the book. The dark stars around the title also projects the fact that there are 18 stories since there are 18 stars. The type is rendered to look like circus type since he’s originally from the circus, and it’s placed on a banner to help reflect the tattoo style once again as banners are very common in tattoos.

Extra Notes:
So I'm actually really proud of this one! It's all done in photoshop, I drew everything with my tablet, and it was super fun! The only thing that's not drawn is the background "skin" stock image of someone's back, from there I drew it on as if I was giving a tattoo and it was really cool! The tattoo is supposed to look pretty fresh as well.

Hope you guys like it!
:heart: Allyson
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