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Commission Example: Colored Chibis

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This is an example of a 15 :points: chibi. :meow:
A colored chibi with a simple background and their name probably. With my new-er style of chibis.
Hope you guys like!

:heart: Allyson

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So cute. I like the simplicity of it. :)
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So cute!
So ... blue :giggle:
And yes, I already know what your chibi commissions look like :dummy:
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Thankies! :meow:

Haha, yeah I dunno the style of my chibis keep changing! :nuu:
Even if slightly... :paranoid:
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Haha, my chibis tend to do the same ;)
I still suck a lot with them, so they change each time because I'm still trying to figure out how to do them right XD
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Haha XD
That's exactly what's wrong with mine! :nuu:
I keep thinking that they can be better/cuter. Or I'll be drawing a chibi and then I'll realize that I suddenly have a new style! :nuu:
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Oh yes, chibis are ... bad children :paranoid:
But I think yours are really cute :3
They suit your style^^
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Haha, I'm really glad you think so! :dummy::heart:
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Make me one of these girls in Black and White so I can put it on a sticker.. I will give you the points! :heart:

If you can make a few different 1's and even a goth one I'll take it too.. I love these! :tighthug:
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Okay, so make a black and white of my girl OC's for a sticker? Sounds like fun! :giggle:

How much are you willing to pay for extra ones? (I have three girls that I think I can draw well in black and white. :aww: )
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Very cute. :) Now if only I had the points to commission you... :)
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You're welcome! :)
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