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I was tagged by :iconlittleblackgirl: so let me tell you some facts about me:

1. I was bald 'till 2 years of age.
2. Now I greatly regret for not applying to study at any textile and design college. All I learned about sewing and design I learned myself.
3. I prefer horror movies over romantic ones.
4. My real hair color is dark bolnd.
5. I was raver in high scholl :D
6. I got enganged three weeks ago!
7. When I was little I was skinny as a twig.
8. I always prefer brains over beauty.

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čestitam na zarukama bejb :hug:
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fala micek! :)
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AAAAAA, čestitam na zarukama =D =D =D =D
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congrats! I bet it will be one hell of a wedding dress ;)
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I shure hope so :D
I'ts gonna be red! mwahahaha!
nelchee's avatar
I always wanted a red wedding dress! (since I saw Lydia :D)
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Engaged!!! Congratulations!!!

Here's a lot of hearts for you!!!


Use sparingly!!
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Oh yeah, take a hug too. :hug:
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Cestitam na zarukama!! :clap:
Ehh, sad idem ispunit svoje duznosti...
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hvala :)

samo daj :D
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Did you get the wigs yet?
azdaja's avatar
nop :/
It shoul be this week...
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Congratulations on your engagement! :dance:
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nisam znao ovo peto :D
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