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How to lace a corset

I finaly made a tutorial on how to lace corset.
This is tutorial on how to properly lace a corset and this method is whidely used because it gives a good control. You can adjust strenght of laceing on diferent parts of corset.
Will soon do another one on diferent tipes of laceing.
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Yea! You are teaching step-ladder style! You are my new favorite!!!
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Thanks, this is just what I needed! <3
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This is a great tutorial - I'll have to give it a go now. I had problems since I'm not as busty as most corsetted ladies and needed a little more flexibility on where to tighten. this'll come in handy :D
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Woohoo been looking for one of these for ages!
Thanks :D
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Very useful. Thank you.
x-Eilidh-x's avatar
this was so useful! I'm finding it so much easier to tighten properly now. thankyou n_n
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Thank you :hug:
I see so many 'correct' ways to lace a corset that shows the 'x' method. This is so much more nicer and I have been lacing like this for the last 12 years. I even own an original Edwardian corset complete with it's original lacing laced in this manner.
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thank you! :hug:

an original Edwardian corset??? *faints* I wish i have one of those... all I have a couple of short combinations.
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you're welcome :hug:

I was very lucky - it os not in very good condition and was badly advertised on eBay so I got a bargain. One day I hope to make a copy. I'll post pics on here when I do.
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oh yes1 can't wait to see it! :)
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OK, here it is [link] ;) Make sure you check out the link to the original corset.
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yay, thanks a lot, i almost thought i won't be able to deal with mine, cuz i have no clue how to lace it!:XD:
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now you know :D
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and it's so cool - i'm sitting with a straight back!:D
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ovo nisam znao :)

forica :)
azdaja's avatar
eto sad znaš :D thnx! :)
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Sounds very useful :aww:
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The loops in the middle are correct, but most corsetiers I've talked with say that the corset should be x-laced, and not v-laced. That way the two edges of the corset can come together and close completely (if necessary), without the cording getting inbetween.
Janes-Wardrobe's avatar
Ah, but I prefer this method and I have been making corsets for 12 years. This method allows the corset edges to come together without any posibility of overlap which you can get with 'X' lacing. Personally I find this much more attractive and I bout an original Edwardisn corset that was laced in exactly this fashion.
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I see! I have had problems with the corset edges overlapping on a few I've made, and I hadn't thought of that. It seems that even in period the corset lacing was more of a personal preference than I previously had thought.
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And in some periods different lacing styles had other connertations ;) Probably read differently in different towns and cities - if you get my meaning ;)
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I love it when that happens with period clothing, it lets you do what you want. :D
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