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Marbles Wallpaper

Made with Apophysis.

Wallpaper of: [link]
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Very pretty :) I really like the way it spirals into the centre and the way the colours change from warm pinks to cold blues. I've just started using Apophysis and I havent got a clue how to make anything this good :lol:
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Heh, thanks, I'm glad you like it :D . And don't worry about apophysis, just keep twiddleing those triangles and you'll stumble across something you like, it's what happens with me. I have a general idea what transformations I like (e.g. Julia, Julian, Juliascope, Hyperbolic...) but I don't plan what order I'm going to use them, or what other transformations to add in. It's just trial and error.
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Thanks for the advice :D I'm going to give it a try!