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Soo... I was tagged by my dear MoonyArsaraidh :D :hug:

She wanted me to say a few things about my two OC's Arricon Talheras and Arachel Shey'rath.

Let's start with Arachel.

1. He is bound to the black Dragon D'Sharekh since the day of his birth. They are like brothers and share a very deep and emotional bond, share thoughts and feelings. Even with great distance between them, they are able to communicate. Only when there's a mental border blocking them, they will get anxious and even desperate. 

2. Arachel is a Shan'rah, an ancient race of magicians who watch over the magical world alongside the dragons. They used to live alongside them in a huge castle called Tel'Madros. Their King was required to give all magic of the Shan'rah-people back to the world for 24 hours every four years so it could "recharge" it's resources.

3. After his father retired, Arachel was announced king of Tel'Madros. He was married to Shanéa Fen'roy who gifted him a son and two daughters. He loved her and his family very dearly.

4. His family and the entire Shan'rah race was killed after the second ritual that Arachel performed. While beeing stripped of all magic and power, a group of jealous wizards and witches attacked the castle. They tortured the Shey'rath-Family and forced Arachel to watch them perish. It traumatised him deeply and was the start of a bloody streak of revenge against everyone who opposed him. 

5. Arachel is around 4000 years old, but wasted many of those years with drinking, smoking, whoring and doing drugs. D'Sharekh wasn't any better, but he remained watchful over his people. As king of the dragons and with them still there, he still had a purpose, unlike his brother. At least, that was what Arachel belived. 

6. Arachel has a son and a daughter with the daughter of the Archangel Michael, Adara (with whom he had an affair every now and then. naughty boy.). Dasamiel and Alana are twins. While Alana inherited her father's genetics, Dasamiel turned out to be a common Nephilim. A decendent of a Shan'rah and another race can either be Shan'rah or not. Arachel was very unhappy with Dasamiel but loved him non the less. Until he caused the death of his mother. Arachel was heartbroken and desperate and unable to forgive his young son, even though he tried. Shortly after Adaras death, Alana became gravely ill and had to be put into a coma from which she did not awake for many hundred years. Dasamiel was sent away to live with his grandfather Michael who adopted the boy and treated him as his own. Still, it strained Sam's relationship with his father greatly.

7. Arachel has quite a lot of kids. Nathian, Myrilla and Lucéa from his first wife Shanéa; Dasamiel and Alana from his lover Adara; Adrin, Caleb, Elia, Arela and Daramir from Moonlight and Lanura from his short affair with Avarya. His son Lucien was conceived without his consent and he found out about him when the boy was already a few years old. He hated him at first but came to love him with some time and help. It a long story... ;D

And now to Arricon

1. Arricon Talheras was Fleet Admiral of the Royal Navy of Tel'Madros and bound to a red and blue dragonness called Mey'Rana. They served Arachel father Daramir since he was a little boy. After Daramir was crowned King, he made Arricon his right-hand-man and advisor. Arricon became Arachels god-father once he was born. 

2. He met his wife when he was already over 300 years old. She was way younger than him and hoped for a nice, quiet family life. But Arricon was often away with his ship and she grew bored and unhappy. She started an affair with Daramirs younger brother, Adurias. Arricon found out eventually and killed him and her in a fit of rage. Mey'Rana killed Adurias' dragon when he tried to save his brother. 
They were exiled by Daramir and cursed. Arricon was turned into a werewolf and Mey'Rana into a human. 

3. Arricons dragon-sister died at the hands of wirzards. He blamed himself for not beeing there and helping her. But since their bond was severed when she was turned into a human he couldn't have known that she was in danger. 

4. It took him many centuries to get along with his wolf and for Arricon to not see him as a curse. When he finally succeeded he was rewarded with inner peace. He didn't have to fight Thorak anymore and could learn to live in society again. He kept to himself for many years and lived in remote places. 

5. He is married to Naletia, Lucifers and Moonlights daughter. They have three kids: Aurora, Arana and Emiras.

6. He still suffers from mood swings and can get quite violent. He once tortured Lucifer nearly to death. Since then the Lord of Hell is wary of him. 

Okay, now to the second part. 13 Questions about me.

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to tag 13 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
8. You can't say you don't do tags.

1. I study English and History to become a teacher
2. I love fantasy and everything related to it
3. I live with one of my best friends in the heart of my home town.
4. I own three crazy budgies - Neo, Freya and Azrael
5. I spent nine months in Australia and I want to go back :heart:
6. I hate olives
7. I worked at a thoroughbred stud with yearlings. And yearlings are bastards! Not cute little horseys but freaking biting and kicking bastards! xD
8. I've been to London two times.
9. I love horses and riding
10. I ate an ant (it tasted like lime. was tasty, actually^^)
11. I jumped out of a plane (Skydiviiiing :D)
12. I love fitness as well as I love sweets... My doom.
13. I have two little brothers.

  1. If money was no issue, what would you do with your life?
    I would buy a nice house for my familie and a VW T5 for my Dad. I would move to the countryside and have a little farm house with horses

  2. What was your favorite toy as a child? 
    I had many Schleich horses and dinosaurs and playmobile. 

  3. You're tired and you want to stay home and relax, but one of your friends suddenly texts you to come join them and their other friends for drinks in the pub. What do you do?
    Depends on my mood. If I'm comfy in my bed with my PJ's on - NO FREAKING WAY x'D 
    If I'm bored - then yes, I'd go.

  4. What book are you currently reading? 
    No book atm

  5. Do you think your astrological sign has any influence on how you are as a person?
    naw, I don't believe in this xD

  6. Favorite animal? (Or animals)
    Wolves, Horses, Crocodiles, Snakes... It's a very long list!

  7. Favorite cryptid? 
    Bunyip :D

  8. Tea or Coffee? 

  9. Who was your first character? Are they still around?
    Arachel and D'Sharekh (formerly Djaro). And yes, they are still around^^

  10. Hobbies?
    Gym, drawing, reading, writing

  11. Name three guilty pleasures.
    Sweets, probably. I'm quite lazy as well... and thirdly... hmm... I dunno

  12. Name three biggest pet peeves.
    Trouble with my roomie x'D 

  13. If you could instantly acquire mad skills at something, what would that something be?
    Probably art skills or free running or martial arts x'D

And no. I'm not tagging anyone. Because screw the rules... :D 



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