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Raggiana horse of paradise

From contest Fantasy Horses Art Battle.
Photoshop CS6
Art (c) Azany
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The pegasus of paradise.

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omg this is amazing it makes me wanna make  my own oc  like this im just a pony as of right now
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I love how you blended the horse hair into feathers in this picture. It just adds to the majesty of this pegasus.
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The words beautiful, perfection, amazing and brilliant are not enough to describe this.
There are not enough words in the english language, or any language for that matter, that can describe this
fantastic piece of artwork. I can tell much time and effort was put into it.
The only word I see truly fitting for the piece is Indescribable.

(Finger hovers above favorite button.)
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Or should I say HOOVErs.(End me.)
how much for a ride?
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It truly is paradise! Perfect would be an understatement.
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Beautiful horse!
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I've been working in PNG years ago.
Seen the Raggiana Bird of Paradise live.
Wonderful merging!
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beautiful, thank you
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OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!! <destroys favourite button>
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This looks incredible i loove the colours :happybounce: 
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though I don't approve of featured wings on mammals this is an awesome picture!!
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wow ich bin sprachlos Heart 
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AMAZING!!!!!!!! O.o
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So true a horse of paradise.
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Greater Bird of Paradise mixed with a pretty horse! <3
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I'm lost for words! Stunning! ☆♡☆
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